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  1. PTSD TDUI now what?

    HI, I am 100% PTSD due to MST. Im in the process of trying to get a permanent designation. I had the same concerns as you, and my first year of having benefits I made the mistake of being open to anyone & everyone about being raped in the military, and getting disability because of that. I quickly learned that all I have to say, IF ANYTHING, is, "I am disabled because of something traumatic, and i don't like to talk about it". People can be so hateful, and aggressive toward someone in our situation. I was verbally assulted on a number of occasions, because people refuse to believe that rape happens "in our military". God forbid there happens to be another veteran around who has a denied claim, or a lower rating than you, especially a male. They are the 1st to tell you that woman "should expect that in a male dominated workplace", or ask "if it turned you into a dyke".