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  1. Hello folks I hold an 80% rating and I work for the State of Ohio. I have doctor appointment after doctor appointment most for SC conditions some not but I am still fighting those. I am a newer employee to the state and apparently even though you accrue 80 hours of sick time a year the 1st 40 hours are the only hours paid at 100% and then the rest is paid at 70%. This puts me in a real pickle financially. I have to attend these doctor appointments or my health declines dramatically. Working because of my SC issues is getting harder and harder. Do I have to be unemployed to file for IU? I
  2. It’s in prep for notification now. My VSO called me and told me I was approved for 30% PTSD. Now I’ll wait on the letter to see their reasoning. I do disagree with the percentage but don’t know if I should NOD or just file for an increase.
  3. Thanks for all of the input and advice. My claim moved to Prep for Decision this morning so it shouldn't be too much longer now. Ill advise what the outcome is when I know.
  4. Gastone- I do not have the SA SC'd but I feel that this was new evidence to support a reconsideration along with some other notes from the doc. I dont know how the doctor missed the paperwork about the CAB. I do have the award letter for it where the ARCOM he refers to is referenced in the award doc. But it did not find its way onto my DD214. I was always told that even tho its not on there as long as i have the supporting documentation i should be fine. Berta- Thank you for the information. It is always a pleasure to get insight from someone as knowledgeable as you, ma'am. I will follow
  5. I didn’t intentionally bring this up. When I was in treatment for opioid abuse my parents were phoned and this info was given by them so it’s something I’ve been fighting. So even though this appears to be a favorable exam do you think they still may deny it?
  6. Thanks as always, John. So you think this is likely to be 30% as well?
  7. Thank you Gunny. What’s your thoughts based on? Just the box he checked?
  8. This appears to be a favorable exam but I am confused. I was previously denied for PTSD so I submitted new evidence and also claimed Depressive disorder. I just went to my exam last week and this was the results. The doctor checked the box that would warrant a 30% rating but I definitely feel this is a low ball. My life has not been the same and just keeps declining. He noted in here my suicide attempt and the ideation that still occurs so would that help in the ratings game? I honestly just think that working isnt going to happen much longer. I think IU is in my future but if you could help m
  9. Sleep apnea is one tough cookie to get connected if you were not diagnosed in service. I have tried to connect it secondary to PTSD and was denied even after I went for an IMO with a favorable C&P filled out. The darn C&P they sent me to resulted in the doc saying its due to weight gain. Now I am in the process of proving them wrong. The biggest thing I can say in your case is you have to get a doctor that specializes in that field to agree with you and provide written solid medical rationale as to why your OSA is linked to your already service connected TBI. Give the doc something to
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