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  1. I thought I would revisit this post and update with the fact I won my appeal. The VLJ granted my service connection based on lay evidence the RO did not take into consideration, and the contradictory medical opinions between the C&P examiner and my primary care physician with the VA. Never give up the fight. Even when you are told numerous times to do so. VA Claim History:•04/2010 - Submitted Claim, quickly denied•10/2010 - Re-opened Claim with 3 Buddy letters,poor C&P..denied again•04/2012 - Re-opened through a VSO with two addition witness letters and a nexus letter from p
  2. While I understand both replies speaking of "secondary to"that disnthappen, it is past the claim stage and now in the appeal stage of "awaiting place on docket". I dont think going back into it with a secondary to something else claim is a viable option at this point. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  3. I was diagnosed through va and use CPAP. The docs letter stated more likely than not started in service (dont have exact wording right now), but not tied secondary to anything.
  4. So to make a long story short, I was active duty since 1994 and medically discharged in 2005. Since around 99/2000 I have suffered from what I now know as sleep apnea. I was never tested for it during service, but I had no idea what the heck it even was. Only knew I was being woken up by my wife, and when in the field or deployment soldiers, because I would snore loud and then stop breathing. I placed an initial claim for this in 2010 after I had a surgery at the VA, and I was placed in the ICU due to low oxygen levels and having sleep apnea during surgery. 04/2010, I did the first clai
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