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  1. So the VA completed my claim and increased my compensation. There is one problem, there are many conditions that disappeared from the original claim that are all over my service records. Also received retro, but not nearly what I have calculated. Any ideas? Increased from 20% --> 50%. Many things were rated as non-service connected even though they are clearly indicated in my records and the initial injuries happened on Active Duty. I'm just trying to wrap my head around this all.
  2. Also, I was originally rated at 20% for 2 service connected conditions from back in 2005 when I left active duty. 2010 i joined the reserves and served for 5 more years. I had many things go wrong at the hands of good ole mil doctors over those 5 years including 4 separate surgeries. This new claim, i have asked for increase the original conditions and claimed an additional 45, many of which are related to each other.
  3. Hello All, Has anyone seen something like this before? I submitted my claim 7 July 2015 after the Air Force said I was no longer fit for duty due to medical. I was recently discharged and chose to file my claim for all of the conditions I developed over the last 16 years. In the last 2 months, I moved into Preparation for decision, then pending decision approval, then back to prep for decision. When I was pending approval, there was an estimated timeframe of about a week. This changed 3 times. The last time it went past the date again and then back to prep for decision. This is when I emailed my VSO and asked him what the deal was. He said today, they were making an adjustment to my compensation and that there was an adjustment in my favor and that there was going to be retro pay. I see nothing to indicate this in my eBenefits. I also have another open claim that is open that is pending decision approval that has nothing in it when you open it and its type is authorization review. I have no idea where this claim came from because there is nothing in the body of the claim to say what it's for. It is also dated 45 days earlier than the claim I am waiting on. Any info or ideas is greatly welcomed.
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