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  1. Hi Everyone I've learned so much from this site over the past 5 years. I was granted service connection for PTSD (02/28/2019) and I am in the same boat. My effective date is the date of my last C&P (01/31/2019) even though I had a diagnosis from a private doc from and never let my claim close. I just filed an appeal using the higher level review lane (03/28/2019) so I will try and post my timeline and eventual outcome.
  2. Here is my DRO review timeline. NOD and DRO review request - 11/27/2015 Statement of Case received 09/24/2017 (667 days), all claims denied for no service connection The frustrating part is that it took 667 days for the VA to not review my new and material evidence that was submitted...
  3. Now that the Act was signed into law what are everyone's thoughts? I have been waiting for a DRO review at the Atlanta RO for 645 days so I am not sure if it will help me out at all.
  4. Thanks for the response! I submitted my nod in November 2015. I was told the average wait time at the 392 days at the Atlant Regional office. I usually call once a month to check the status.
  5. Im new to the forum but, I've been soaking up as much info as possible through this site in the past 4 months. I was told by the VA that I should resubmit my form 21-0781. My claim is awaiting Dro review. My question is how would this affect my claim?
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