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  1. C&P Exam this Friday. What should I bring? Should I bring copies of:

    1.Release of information from VA 2004-2006 (which has Psychiatrist: chronic PTSD, LCSW PTSD group notes, VA prescribed PTSD medication list).

    2.Buddy statements & lay statements.

    3. DD Form 2807-1 (evaluation prior to getting out of the army) as evidence I was seeking help for "nightmares stemming from operations at the Pentagon".

    4.Awards and certificates as proof I was at the pentagon 9/11 for search and rescue/recovery.

    5.Private counseling assessments and screenings.


    1. R762


      I don't want to bombard with the examiner, but I don't want to leave anything out.

    2. R762


      Turns out he had those on file... not sure if he had #3 "DD From 2807-1"


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