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  1. I have left side heart failure it not related to sleep apnea. I had a stress test yesterday to check if i had blockage or exidence of heart attack. 2 months ago I had 2 echocardiograms.
  2. I am already at 100% disability with 70% PTSD 50% Flat Feet Bilateral 50% Sleep Apnea 10% Hiatal Hernia and 10% Lower Back Strain but 8 months ago I was diagnosed with Blood Clots and a PE and then this March 2018 with Heart Failure with an ejection faction (EF) of 41% and I am only 35 year old. My question is has anybody tried to get heart failure to be secondary to anxiety and ptsd. Also if I do get it added I am going to try to get SMC disability I was told you can get up to 300% VA disability.
  3. Does anyone know if you can put in a claim for when you have surgery. The reason I ask I am schedule to have back surgery next month with the VA. I am scared shitless. But I want to know if you can put a claim for 2 surgeries or scars. My first surgery was when I was in the Army 10 years ago I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth taken out.
  4. Hey dot no this is my mh psy still waiting on c and p
  5. U can see the dr notes do u think its 50% or 70% worthy
  6. Hello well today I got my latest PTSD and Deppression Dr. Notes I am trying to get my PTSD increase from 30% to maybe 50 or 70% with all my symptoms getting worse. I made a word document with my DR. Notes from the VA tell me after you read if you think it can get increased to 50 or 70% need help thank you. Mental health notes.docx
  7. Would the medicine she gives me help justified my disease or mental health state. for example I been on gerd medicine since I been rated for it but what sucks I am getting rated at 10% so I ask for an increase because it is recurring issue so that would raise it to 30%. But I didn't she anything about recurring gerd in her notes. I actually didn't see much in her notes at all.
  8. I send my Dr emails and she adds that to the notes it helps get what I say is wrong with me because she don't put what I verbal tell her.
  9. Well I got an sams club business membership I can get a hearing test there from there doctor and have feel out the DBQ. I have to wait for 4 to 6 months to get my smr. I got my dd214 that shows my time in Afghanistan.
  10. Hello I got my Flat Feet SC about 4 years at 0% but they are not bilateral which is weird but now I been having problems more with my ankles, shins, knees, hips I seen the VA doctor and I was limping a lot from the pain in my feet. He told me the back pain I been having for over 8 years and the other pain I got now is from me walking on the inside of my feet and on the heels more and I got callous on both feet. He sent a referral to see the VA orthopedics DR next month he recommend getting Orthopedics shoes since I got inserts last time I was at the Foot Dr and they didn't work. I put a claim
  11. What does my wife have to do to qualify for this Aid and Attendance. Does she have to drive me to appointments basic living needs. Do you have to be a certain % to get AA
  12. I was told about my military records that I want to get a copy off was being held in Saint Louis mo the original copies and after I request them by fax it could take 4 to 6 months and they will send me a cd with that information on it
  13. Hello I had a ear test done last week for bilateral ear tinnitus this is my ear doctor results how can I get it SC if I never complain about it in the Army. Can I say from Combat in Afghanistan. I just found out about ringing in the ears that is why I never complain about it plus the Macho Military Mentality of don't be soft (or suck it up and drive on). I have attachment of the report if anyone wants to look at it Ear disabilites.docx
  14. Hello I had a ear test done last week for bilateral ear tinnitus this is my ear doctor results how can I get it SC if I never complain about it in the Army. Can I say from Combat in Afghanistan. I just found out about ringing in the ears that is why I never complain about it plus the Macho Military Mentality of don't be soft (or suck it up and drive on). Ear disabilites.docx
  15. I notice they didn't do a GAF questionnaire this time I saw the doctor I wondering if she just add what I said and graded me with out telling me about it. I will try to get into that program I think it will help I will ask about it next time I see the counselor. Thanks for you help
  16. what did you have to do to get approved for this program did you have to ask them you wanted to go or did you issues have to get really bad. I had stop going to the VA for mental health for almost 2 years but now I am back in there telling them everything that is happening now and how serious it is. I really want to get approved so I can save my marriage and my relationship with my son.
  17. I know about it the program is about 2.5 hrs away from me at another VA place. My friend just got approved to go there after he started throwing chairs at the doctor. I will ask my mental health dr next time I see her. thanks
  18. Does anyone use myhealth.va.gov website to see there VA medical records. I was wondering if you do does your doctor put her notes in there about what you talk about or your symptoms mental health or physical health. I notice at times she does for me and at times she don't. Can anybody reply
  19. I put in for a increase last month with a bunch of other shit I found out I had self diagnosed I had this stuff wrong with me from the time I was in the Army and I been out for the last 4 years not get treatment or rate correctly for it which makes me mad. now I am going to the VA for all these issues especially the mental health department. I saw the mental health yesterday and I got 2 follow up appointments in the next month. I check myhealth.va.gov and she add that my PTSD is more serve and chronic and I have Major Depression. I was hoping to see more notes for example what we talked about
  20. Hello everyone I am currently at 30% for PTSD plus I got Sleep Apnea 50% and I bunch of other shit. My question is I put in a claim for increase for PTSD because for the last 6 months I been showing symptoms that related more to PTSD at 50 and 70% and those issues more often. Also I am on new meds now from Mental Health and I just started seeing them again and explain how my issues have been getting worse and that I don't work because of it. Last time I work I told her I told a guy I work with I would kill him because of the stress he cause me. Then she asked me if I have any guns I told
  21. I need help with bilateral math its confused the hell out of me. I got Flat Feet Bilateral 30% Sleep Apnea 50% PTSD 30% GERDS 30% Esophagus stricture 30% Bronchiectasis 10% Left Foot Injury 10% Tinnitus 10% Thank you
  22. I got a hearing test on 7 April done my right ear with the speech discernment was at 96% but when did mention there is no test for tinnitus currently. she did put it in my records that I have bilateral tinnitus. Just waiting on a C and P exam for my ear next maybe in 6 months the VA runs slow like dial up. LOL
  23. During the 10 years in the army I was communications but when I was in the field a lot we used loud generators to provide power to all the equipment. when I was in Afghanistan all the bombs going off and shotting aircraft noise living about 25 meters from entrance of the airfield.
  24. I was told it would be hard to get Tinnitus SC from PTSD from the Army. Does anybody know how to get it SC to anything else or should I keep trying to get it SC from the events of PTSD I need help any ideas would help a lot.
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