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  1. I am 69" 225 neck 17 1/2" nothing on there about my tongue the examiner didn't even do an in person exam he did a ace review. I will check the 12 thing you asked about. and I have Osa thanks. I will try and get more info when. I get off work.
  2. hilltravis ok yeah I have a kinda weird thing going on was denied sleep apnea I was claiming it service connected but not secondary va had a nurse practitioner give his opinion and to be honest it was pretty lame. so I'm hoping this guy blows this guy's opinion out of the water. I think he will. yes his credentials are pretty good I would have to say!!! thanks 63bravo
  3. hilltravis thanks for the reply. well that's good to hear I have heard really good things about him and apparently he is pretty smart and does a very thorough job. when he did your imo was it very informative and backed with info and facts? Thanks and good luck with yours!!!
  4. dot09 he was president of the transplantation society of new York aND has 30 experience as a transplantation surgeon and also is a veterans lawyer on top of that. so his credentials I would say are pretty good.
  5. dot09 when you say there is more contributing factors than weight do you mean that they shouldn't just deny it because I'm a little overweight? thanks.
  6. I am curious if anyone has any good luck with Dr. Anaise particulary on a VA claim for sleep apnea secondary to PTSD? I received a SOC from the RO and the review that the VA examiner gave for his less than 50 percent likely was a bit disturbing. He some how got my weight off by 30 pounds saying I weight 255 when I actually weighed 225 so that sucks. So I talked to VSO and told him I was going to be obtaining my own IMO and submitting it. I have not received it yet but I have heard he does a very thorough job on them and includes a lot of literature and stuff to back up his opinions. Any type o
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