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  1. RUREADY. I live here in the ATL VA area. I've never had a problem with travel from the ATL RO but it takes almost a month to come in the mail. So they can deposit it into your account as well? Who do I contact to do this?
  2. Corpsman8404. I would definitely let an experienced disability attorney handle the SSDI. Social Security plays games in a lot of cases. Sometimes if you're under 50, they'll deny you for general purpose. This is one shot one kill territory. I was denied and I hired Bender & Bender solely on their reputation of winning cases. So right now I'm waiting on a court date to appear in front of an SS Admin Law Judge. Social Security will send you to see one of their doctors all the while having your VA file. Just because the VA says your disabled, the SSA says different. Their doctor is going to determine that you can work. So do not go to that appointment alone, they observe you from the time that you enter into their presence. Get someone to fill out your paperwork while you're there. Remember "One Shot One Kill". Also your PTSD SC needs to be up around the 70 or 100% level which shows a social impairment of school, work and family. This shows that you can't work.
  3. Silent Uproar, Firstly are you MH at the VA? If so ask for a program called Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT). It's a 12 week group therapy held at a Vet Center, this is an alternative than going inpatient at a treatment facility. Now this got me the initial 50% SC for PTSD. Now if you're going for the 100% PTSD you will have to show that your hygiene is down in the toilet (Shaving, Bathing, etc...), also social impairment of school, work and family. The main problem for not getting to that level is that you are working, so that's probably why the suggestion to go inpatient.
  4. Green are you 100% by the schedule or TDIU/P&T? Because (IU) is not a contention and it won't show up in your disabilities nor will eBenefits reflect it in that blue circle.
  5. SSDI varies in most states and most situations. Yes you and your spouse have to be on the same page with SSDI. That's a standard questionnaire that social security uses just to gather information. From my experience with it, SS is going to send you to an exam with one of their doctors for what ever contention that you have just to see if you are able to work. It would work in your favor to get a disability attorney to file for you. In most cases if you're not 50+, you get turned down or if you haven't worked in 2 or more years.
  6. I noticed that in my disabilities section of eBenefits, it states that my PTSD says non combat. I was in a combat zone receiving immanent danger pay. What is considered non combat and how would the rating board make such a decision? Is a mortar attack considered combat? I need some expert opinions on how to handle this. I'm waiting on my C-File to review the decision on PTSD. The Award letter doesn't state anything other than a SC for PTSD. Would this affect the outcome if I put in for Combat Related Special Compensation?
  7. I'd like to weigh in "TDIU stands for "unemployablity" as Broncovet descibed it. But when you're on TDIU you can't go and apply for any job nor can you have additional income from any other sources outside of what the VA provides. You can apply for your SSDI or apply for Combat Related Special Compensation (CRSC) if you were in a combat zone.But if your service connected conditions render you unemployable and you get TDIU just make sure that you can live on what your getting. There is no threshold on income because your saying to the VA that you can't work. If by chance your PTSD gets raised to 70% or higher then it shows that the mental state does not allow for work or school.
  8. A (C-File) request is considered a claim but it will not show up in eBenefits. Back on 01 Dec 2015 I faxed in my request to get my C-File from the VA. On or about Feb 8, 2016, I received a letter stating that my C-File request was sent to the records section for review. On or about 01 APR 16 I went to the Atlanta (VBA) Regional Office as a walk-in to see if the myth is true on asking to view your C-File. I filled out the request on stating you business at the VBA. and placed my form in the box as requested. The rep advised that someone will be with you shortly. After I sat in the waiting room for and hour and twenty minutes, I went up to the desk and ask about a representative to help with my request. I was told that the C-File is maintained at this location and that I couldn't view my C-File but it will be mailed to you. He went on to say that it was a myth and it will take on or about 3 to 4 month from the date on my letter to receive it. So I'm just wondering how long would I have sat in the waiting room before this information was revealed to me? This is my experience on the infamous C-File.
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