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  1. Ok, New to the site, found out about the site by watching Youtube for information on VA claims. I watched a couple videos posted by Chris Attig and they are very informational. apart from requesting my C file, where do I start? I have new medical information to add to my claim to help change my % to a higher % but there is so much information it's crazy. Before my recent claim was finished, I spent 2 years waiting for the VA to finish my claim. I found out thru a friend, that my claim had been Zeroed out. Well I went to work to right a huge wrong, and that got me to my present claim. Now I want to have new medical records added to my current claim. So what's first? outside of the C, file. that I already know I need to do. 

    1. SSGT McMullen

      SSGT McMullen

      I don't have my current list of everything i'm service connected for. I know PTSD is 50% and just about everything else under that is only 10% each. knee issues, lower back issues, degenerative arthritis. as for the codes Don't have those either. I mentioned above I'm just getting started with all the knowledge that is wrapped up in the claim process. so this is my reply to Dot09

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