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  1. I had a VSO once and decided they were no help to me. I finally got them removed and not had one since. Thank you for the suggestion Pwrslm.
  2. GB I agree. Now if I can get them to make these deposits every couple of weeks I will be a happy camper...hahaha
  3. Bronco I originally filled for an increase back in 5/2018 for my hand. I went to the C&P which was done by LHI. I had a pending FOIA for my C-File at the Rome and when I did receive it it had the C&P from LHI where I discovered that the VA failed to rate my one finger. That is why I filed a CUE. When I read the SOC I discovered that the VA awarded me 10% for both the index and long finger each. I was only looking for one finger not both. I am more than pleased to be since I I did get an additional 10% for the long finger. I did not expect the VA to award me loss of use, but I asked just in case. i am just confused why the case is still pending with the VA. Like I said I got what I asked for and more. Now I did not ask for a specific percentage for I don’t want to give the VA an excuse to low ball me, if they want to give me 20% I do r want to let them know I would be happy with 10%. i appreciate you looking at this Bronco, I just want to make sure I am not over looking something is all. I don’t think the BVA will give me more, but I could be wrong. I will re-read the SOC again and see if I am missing something. Thanks again Bronco.
  4. I am confused as always by the VA decision. Long story short I filed a CUE, it took several tries to get them to accept it. On 1/7/2020 the VA sent me a SOC (redacted copy attached) which confuses me. In the CUE I had stated the VA failed to read all of the DBQ completed by LHI for a increase for my hand. They originally left the hand at the same rating (10% for thumb) and 0% for the other fingers. The original DBQ showed that because of the limitation of my index finger I should have also been given a 10% rating for it as well. According to the SOC the VA agreed with me and gave me 10% for the index finger and also 10% for my long finger (I did not expect this). I now have three ratings of 10% each for my thumb, index finger, and long finger (I also received the max of 0% for the other two fingers). I am confused that according to VA.gov my claim is still open because they could not completly grant my appeal. Now I did ask for the highest possible rating as well as stating I may qualify for SMC K for loss of use of my right hand (I always add statements such as these just in case I may actually qualify for them. It what I concerned about with the SOC I may be over looking something very important, I am satisfied with the rating of my right hand at this time. Attached is a copy of the SOC, screen shot from VA.gov, and a copy of my CUE (may not be the best written but I believein keeping them short). Please look at them if you have time and let me know if I am missing something that I need to file an appeal for, at this time I do not plan on filing anything with the BVA. Thanks in advance. SOC and Decision 1-7-2020.pdf Track Claims_ Hand_VA Website.pdf Clear and Unmistakable Error by the VA - copy.docx
  5. That is so true, the extra money is nice but I would be happy to give it all up not to hurt anymore. We gave up a lot by going into the military, we sacrificed our bodies and mind for our country and others made the supreme sacrifice by giving their lives! Shrek your wife should not feel guilty for what she thinks are handouts, our country should be the ones who feel guilty that there are so many men and women of the armed forces that need this assistance. We have earned everything we get, its not charity and it’s not a hand out it’s what we earned!!! I have been told by coworkers that I am lucky because when I retire from the federal government, I will get three retirement checks (my military, from work, and SS, they don’t know about the VA). I tell them that they could have had the same thing if they were willing to join the military and stick it out for a retirement check. They don’t say anything to that. We have earned what we get from the VA by our sacrifices and we should never feel guilty about what little money we may get. I thank all the men and women who made the sacrifices in the military for my family and I to enjoy the freedoms we have!!! Bronco I am with you on the truck payment vs smoking cigarettes, they made their choice. I would rather have the truck!
  6. That is so very true. At work I see so many people get jealous when someone gets a promotion, why can't they just be happy for them. This is why I also tell my wife not to let people know when she buys something nice, instead of being happy for them they say something nasty instead. I just hate that. I am not mad at those who are super wealthy, in fact I am happy for them. I just wish I was as smart or as lucky as them to have the same...hahaha But I would not wish them ill because they are luckier than me. I am thankful for what I have. Now if I did not have kids I could be very wealthy…hahaha
  7. Bronco and Vetquest give good advice. Are you able to take an early retirement? Do they offer a medical retirement? I am not sure how large your company is, but you may want to talk with your HR department to see if they are able to assist you with work, perhaps they may offer you telework. But definitely save your money for that rainy day, when you are unable to work.
  8. I will take whatever they want to send me, as long as I don't need to pay it back that is...haha
  9. I looked at my bank account online this morning and I had a surprise, I had received money from the VA. Now I had won an BVA decision back on 7/2019 and as far as I know I have already received all the retro pay for that. I had to do an HLR for an EED since the RO messed up the date. But mid-October the HLR was approved with the correct effective date and I received my first retro check. In the letter it stated they held part back while the calculated CRDP. I received that retro check about 5 -6 weeks later. Now I had calculated on what I should get and between the two retro checks it was what I had expected. I have no idea what this money is for, I do have two claims pending (I checked and they have not been decided on yet) so I am not sure what the money is for. I checked eBenefits and it does not show up under payments. I will check again tomorrow but I am just confused what the money s for. I really wish the VA would put correspondence in eBenefits stating what it is for, would it really be asking to mush for them to say why they are giving you money. I am happy to get more money but also confused as to why I got it. Perhaps the VA is giving bonuses…lol
  10. I agree with the above, but I do tell other vets to help motivate them to keep filing. I tell them that I kept filing is why I am receiving what I do, I never gave up and they shouldn't as well. But they are far and few who actually know, other than my wife no one else in the family even knows I get anything from the VA. But as mentioned above there is a lot of jealousy out there when it comes to VA money!
  11. I will try that, I really hate the chin strap. I will try the tongue trick first, if that does not work I will go back and ask for a new type of mask. With the mouth being open I wake up with dry mouth, not to mention the noise will wake me up at night. I am sure everyone that uses these CPAPs wish they did not need them, it really sucks using them every night. Thanks for the advice.
  12. I would never accept a used C-PAP machine, I would raise hell with anyone who would listen. Besides not knowing if the previous user maintained it correctly, was it properly sanitized prior to giving out to someone else. I hate my C-PAP machine but I also like breathing at night, I wake up a lot at night for the mask slipping or because of the way I am laying. My wife has told me several times to close my mouth at night (because of air blowing out) so I use a chin strap to help keep my mouth closed. It is uncomfortable but need to use it. Hopefully the VA does not go to re-using C-PAP machines.
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