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  1. I will try that, I really hate the chin strap. I will try the tongue trick first, if that does not work I will go back and ask for a new type of mask. With the mouth being open I wake up with dry mouth, not to mention the noise will wake me up at night. I am sure everyone that uses these CPAPs wish they did not need them, it really sucks using them every night. Thanks for the advice.
  2. I would never accept a used C-PAP machine, I would raise hell with anyone who would listen. Besides not knowing if the previous user maintained it correctly, was it properly sanitized prior to giving out to someone else. I hate my C-PAP machine but I also like breathing at night, I wake up a lot at night for the mask slipping or because of the way I am laying. My wife has told me several times to close my mouth at night (because of air blowing out) so I use a chin strap to help keep my mouth closed. It is uncomfortable but need to use it. Hopefully the VA does not go to re-using C-PAP machines.
  3. You should see it in a few days. Make sure you have all your dependents listed for once you hit 30% or higher you start getting paid a little bit more for spouses and minor children.
  4. I enjoyed reading this about the R1s as always good work and very interesting reading. I must admit i loved the "Bozo No-No" reference...only old farts have ever heard that term and yes I am proud to say I am one of them!!!
  5. I agree with "KISS" but let's face it, if the VA raters would actually read what we submit then we would try to nudge/lead them in the right direction. But with that said when you get a rater who does not care to do their job correctly it doesn't matter.
  6. I too am part of the initial 40% club for my initial rating.
  7. It is up to you if you let these four issues die or not, but do not let worrying about the VA possibly reducing you if you file an HLR be the reason for not filing. You have earned these benefits, you are not begging for handouts. If you have ED file an HLR (it’s actually $110.31 per month). If you have other disabilities that were not decided on also file an HLR for those also. Remember it is your choice on what to do; only you can decide on what is best for you. Good luck!
  8. See if you can still upload documents through VA.gov for the claim, I know I was able to add pages to my claims in eBenefits. If nothing else make a new cover sheet stating you are resubmitting the evidence for your pending claim and (like Shrekthetank1 said) number each page. Also on the new cover sheet tell them how many pages you are submitting. It's a pain but it's worth it to make sure they have all your evidence to your claim.
  9. This will give you an earlier effective date.
  10. That is wonderful news.
  11. Vync is correct...going from 90% to 100% seems to be impossible to get. Good luck
  12. Because it was the RO that made the mistake plus it took less than 60 days to resolve the issue and to receive back pay. Depending on the amount is how long the back pay takes.
  13. It coming through ebenefits then it is okay, I thought it showed up in your regular email account. If it is something that can make your life better then go for it, it is a benefit you have earned.
  14. That is interesting. Now I am cynical, are you sure the email is from the VA? I know I get emails that are scams. I don’t believe you need to be 100% or P&T to receive these benefits, you just need a qualifying sc disability is all.
  15. I am not a big fan on meds also but I do encourage you to work with your doctor to find the right meds that can help. When my doctor first started prescribing meds, I let her know when I did not like the way it made me feel. She worked with me over several months to find the right meds for me, one where I did not feel like a zombie but one that helped me with my depression. You really need to talk with your doctor to find the right meds for you. Always remember that the same med works differently on different people, what works for you may not work for me. Good luck!
  16. I am glad you found a good doctor who actually listens to you, they can be hard to find as you know.
  17. In my case after a BVA win the RO tried to make the effective date the date the BVA granted my appeal instead of the original date (BVA win 7/2/2019 - original date 7/2015). I had to file a HLR which they quickly corrected the effective date. As Vetquest stated make sure the correct date is given.
  18. Happy New Years Hollie and everyone else. May 2020 be the best year ever!!!!!
  19. Alex, I know you go above and beyond for your fellow Vietnam vets and I am happy they have someone like you who is willing to help. I agree with you about the vets from Vietnam area being low balled and having to go through hell to get what they have earned. In my opinion when you are entitled to retro pay it should also include interest, after all it is money you were not able to use to live on. Many vets lose their home such as Bronco did while waiting on the VA to do the right thing. It is wrong for the VA to put the vets through hell to get what they truly deserve, especially the combat vets. I know I have earned my disability ratings but I do feel guilty for I have all my body parts and do not suffer from the memories of war. My heart truly goes out to all of them. I am thankful that Hadit is here for veterans to find the help and advice they need to work their way through the VA maze.
  20. I enjoy seeing these wins...needless to say these vets have earned it.
  21. @shrekthetank1 Good luck and hoping with the win you get a six-figure retro check!!!!
  22. Mine was there today also...it was not much but I will take whatever they will give.
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