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  1. My original denial letter 8/15/97...i appealed...The last denial letter 11/04/2014...ive gathered all my decision letters and all my old evidence...i do have new medical evidence as well but have not sent it in...
  2. Im in current treatment for my conditions...but there is evidence in my past operative reports and service records...
  3. Ive attached the reason for decision on the SMC S issue....I filed a CUE for the effective date and won...It was changed to Sept 2002 but I recvd no back pay bcuz my TDIU was based on more than one sevice connected condition...
  4. Additionally, in 2004 I was awarded SSDI based solely on Depression...
  5. Thnx....They awarded me an effective date for Sep 2002 for my TDIU... but claimed bcuz my conditions were combined i was not given SMC S...At the time ....70 PTSD 30 Hysterectomy 50 Chronic Pelvic Pain 100 TDIU...
  6. Thnx for the responses...The DRO hearing is June 5....not sure if there is enough time to get a VSO rep??? I do have new supporting evidence but believe that they totally disregarded evidence in the record... the rep decided to combine my gyn and mental conditions which made me unable to get SMC S...My ratings at the time were 100 Unemployable, 70 Mental, 50 Chronic Pelvic Pain, 30 Hysterectomy...i was awarded SSDI solely for Mental in 2004. Additionally, my mental was increased to 100....The 70 alone could have been used to grant SMC S...There are other issues too...i will upload my last decision letter. Im disputing denial from Arthritis and Urinary Incontinence...There were errors in my last decision letter...They claimed to have used my SSDi file but it is not listed in evidence...I have inservice treatment records that include consult to neurology for Arthritis but they say no evidence...I can upload my last decision letter so that you can better advise me...let me know where i may upload it to???
  7. I am appealing Earlier Effective Dates for SMC S...Aid and Attendance...and Female Gyn Conditions...and CUE ..I thought i had a handle on things but im starting to feel unprepared. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thnx for your assistance.

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