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  1. I was diagnosed with Diabetes Type II in October of 2010 and filed a claim for disability benefits related to Agent Orange in January 2011. I was denied about one month later for failure to prove that I ever served in Vietnam as part of the AO presumption "nexus". I filed another claim for diabetes in 2014 after receiving "buddy letters" and was awarded 10% rating for diabetes. I discussed the earlier claim with my representative and was advised to file a NOD which was denied. I have just recently filed a BVA and received a letter today stating that I am being offered a videoconference. I have several questions. First and foremost, if the original claim is approved as my argument is that since I was a Vietnamese Linguist in the Air Force Security Service there were no records kept of my Temporary Duty Assignment in Vietnam as was stated in one of the letters later received. My argument is that based on the application I filed stating I was in country and describing my duties the VA should have dug deeper to determine why my service record was silent. WILL ORIGINAL CLAIM APPROVAL MEAN THAT I WILL BE PAID RETROACTIVE TO THE DATE I FILED THE ORIGINAL CLAIM IN JANUARY 2011 OR WILL I ONLY BE PAID BASED ON THE APPEAL DATE? SECOND: should I draft a statement or affidavit or some form of document since if the hearing is a videoconference I will not have the opportunity to present any written documentation. THIRD: are there people available to help me prepare for this hearing and represent me as the representative I have is stationed at a local VA and is extremely busy.
  2. My private Dr. determined I had Diabetes Mellitus Type II October, 2010. I filed a claim for VA disability benefits in January, 2011 and this claim was denied for failiure to prove I was ever in Vietnam. I served in the Security Service and was TDY to Cam RAn Bay, Vietnam but this command had kept sparse records and my claim was denied. I had also followed up at the VA hospital and was taking Metformin until approximately early 2016. In 2016 I was awarded 10% for diabetes finally proving the NEXUS to service in Vietnam through the help of buddy letters that were not available when my original claim was filed. I was actually told I was SOL because of the nature of my command. Things change and the command is now doing an excellent job of providing buddy letters. I have filed a NOD at the behest of my representative because I believe the VA did not do enough to help me prove I was in country and therefore was exposed to AO. My question is how long will it take for the NOD filed October, 2016 to be addressed; and do you think my argument is sound enough to warrant awarding benefits back to January, 2011? Also since I was on Metformin until 2016 which is documented in the VA hospital records is there a chance that my percentage will be raised from 10% to a higher amount?
  3. I currently have been awarded 60% for Diabetes Mellitus type II for lower leg below the knee Peripheral neuropathy which I am asking for reconsideration. The original award 4/16 also included 10% cataracts related to diabetes and the already awarded 10% for tinnitus. I recently learned I have sleep apnea that the DR said was related to diabetes mellitus type II. the E-benefits site is asking for an opinion/documentation from a Dr stating this was related to exposure to a dioxin. I sent them a letter stating the sleep apnea is SECONDARY to diabetes and the diabetes already has a NEXUS to my service in Vietnam which assumes exposure to a dioxin (agent orange). does anyone know why they couldn't connect the dots from the already adjudication claim to this new issue? Do I have to definitely prove sleep apnea is connected to diabetes by way of a Dr's opinion or can I provide researched internet documentation? Finally when I sent the claim in it was considered a duplicate and it bumped my peripheral neuropathy back to October from this month and somehow they think I am asking for an increase on my Diabetes which is already rated only 10% because I am not currently on medication. I have a C&P for diabetes scheduled Friday so I decided to just go and maybe by some miracle they will give me an increase because of the neuropathy and sleep apnea - who knows or as we say in Vietnamese "ai biet"!
  4. I was adjudicated for 20 per cent lower leg neuropathy in may, 2016. Today I found out from my Dr following a painful EMG that I have both upper and lower leg neuropathy. How do i add this to my previous claim? Is it a new claim. I have a claim pending to address an earlier diabetes onset and an audit of benefits I feel were not addressed in the may decision
  5. Just a short note to announce that I received my "brown envelope" accompanied by a retro check dating back to May, 2015 and was awarded a 50 per cent disability mainly for diabetes related to AO and lower legs peripheral neuropathy. Also I filed a CUE about two weeks ago with my VSO on a claim that was denied for diabetes in 2011 and due to the currrent claim containing very valuable buddy letters proving I was in vietnam proving this nexus I am awaiting the brown envelope and hopefully will receive a positive decision for diabetes back to 1/11 with a retro check and possibly, just guessing here, a 30 percent disability (combined with an old dib for tinnitus.) Anyway if you were in country and are getting discouraged that you cannot find proof please don't give up and search the web because there is help out there!
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