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  1. Oldtimer, where did you send ROI for your exam to? And did you use a specific template or just a generic FOIA letter? I am needing mine as well and cannot seem to get a straight answer from any of the involved parties (Dr office, QTC, VA, DAV). Each one states I need to ask the other how to get the results. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. So I have a HUGE problem! It is documented in my Military records and am being SC for a surgical reconstruction of my Frontal sinus portion of my skull. However, I was never rated or even thought about it until here recently, looking at the actual injury that caused the fracture(head injury/ skull fracture) that occurred 15 years ago. I basically did not recognize any of the issues (insomnia, depression, anxiety, memory issues, difficulty concentrating) or masked them through alcohol and substance abuse( which use of these did not start until after the injury) until sobering up over the last 2 1/2 years. However, after many therapy sessions my therapist, whom is not an MD, he is confident that all these underlying issues are the perfect example of residuals from the head injury. I do not recall the hospital at Ft. Campbell doing a TBI eval, or being diagnosed with TBI, I think mainly because it was in 2000 and TBI was not at the moment an issue. My psych put in a consult recently for TBI eval, which the MD that received consult denied, stating that because A)the injury was prior to November 2001, B) I did not report symptoms (to VA) until 2008 or later, and C) not combat related, I do not qualify for a TBI screening. He also requests records from outside physicians and will reassess after seeing those. I did see outside physicians for a few years after getting out due to having private insurance and it was so much more convenient than driving 1 1/2 hours one way. I also had some issues that I saw those physicians for that fall in the symptom categories listed above. However, after spending the last 2 days calling these different physician offices, I find out that either the records have been destroyed because they only keep them for so long, or I am not in their system at all. I don't know where to go with this from here. Anyone else had a similar situation? And if so, what did you do to get the situation looked at? I have an intent to file for the head injury and residuals, but do not want to file until I have all my ducks in a row( lesson learned the hard way).
  3. This may be a little long so please bare with me. Background info: In Army from 1998-2001. Had a head injury that resulted in a fracture of my frontal sinus with surgical repair including reconstruction and plate and screws. The injury was the result of a fall off a humvee while setting up antenna in november 2000 (non-combat related). I do not recall whether I was completely knocked unconscious or not. I know that I had a huge gooseegg and very bad headache, but didn't seek medical attention until the following morning after waking up with blood on my pillow from my nosebleed. Once again had surgery next day for this injury. During this time I was also being treated for Bilateral plantar fascitis and was recommended a medical honorable discharge and went through that process as many know. Received severance pay and 10% rating on the plantar fascitis but 0% on the surgical repair of the fracture. I was a young 21 year old and had no idea what was ahead of me in life, but the fact I received 8k severance was all I thought about at the time. Fast forward to the last few years: I began drinking heavily after discharge, using drugs, and abusing pain medication. Lost 1 marriage, on my 4th actual career due to inabilty to maintain employment including 10-15 different jobs in the interim, been to inpatient alcohol treatment, and finally sobered up 2 1/2 years ago by using a 12 step program . Then came the feelings, depression, anxiety, difficulty concentrating (actually have had this one all along), suicidal thoughts, as well as emotional breakdowns with anger and nightmars resulting in panic attakcs. I almost lost my current marriage because of it. My wife pushed me to seek proffessional help and thats when I began this journey up to this point. I have been advised by a fellow veteran to look at the link between the head injury and my path afterw] the military. So I put in a claim myself without any guidance from a VSO(mistake probably) and have been going through the process since January. I have continued to see MH including Phsychiatrist along with PTSD eval. No one has come out and specificifically told me I have PTSD, however, after looking through my medical records over the last 8 months, it is mentioned mild PTSD by the phsychiatrist as well as my primary care doc. My regular therapist lists my problems as Major Depression Disorder, recurring and generalized anxiety. I also have had diagnosis previously in 2012 of insomnia, anxiey, and depression. The following is what I put in as my claim: · 01/05/2016 (Compensation) · Estimated Completion: 05/15/2016 - 06/18/2016 The time it takes to complete you claim depends on factors like the type of claim and the type of disability claimed. The estimated dates are based on a statistical analysis of historical processing times for similar claims. Some things you should know: · Historical data may not accurately predict current conditions. Your claim may take longer. · Dates may change as the statistical analysis is updated. · Some claims will take longer than the range of dates given as they are based on an average. Submitting the supporting documentation that has been requested quickly and electronically is the surest way to get your claim decided as quickly as possible. · Disabilities Claimed: PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) to include alcohol abuse and Depression (Secondary), headaches (Secondary), open reduction internal fixation of frontal sinus fracture (Increase) · Current Status: Preparation for Decision I had my c&P done for PTSD, mental health and also for the headaches. The PTSD eval was quite surprising to me, as I was very anxious and nervous from all I read. I waited an hour to get in to see the examiner. The exam took a total of 7-10 minutes. He asked where I grew up, What branch of military, and reviewed symptoms he saw in my record. That was it.... I figured since he basically reviewed and recited the symptoms he saw in my medical files and said ok we are done, that it went well but then I got the results and have attached them here as well as the last psych report and problem list. The issue I have is the fact that he has stated no response provide to most of the questions, along with no official opinion at the end, as well as stating the following : It is difficult if not impossible differentiate what portion of each symptom is attributable to each diagnoses. There is a high degree of overlap and comorbidity between the disorders. My C&P for the headaches appears to have been more in depth and looks like there should be an increase there. Can someone with experience please review this and tell me what you think I will receive if anything as well as suggestions of what path of action I should take if denied for the mental portion of this? I did file the claim without really doing my foot work as well as a pretty weak statement (my opinion since researching on this site as well as other sites). I know I haven't sacrificed as much as most disabled veterans, but I was injured while in service, as well as signed up to fight for our country and feel my physical, emotional, and mental health issues stem from this pretty serious injury I sustained while serving. God bless and God Speed! C&P Exam and notes.docx