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  1. I was married throughout my enlistment and after being determined at 100%. My current and future ex wife has chanpva. When we separate will she still be entitled to it?
  2. April 2017 I was approved for the choice program for a surgery on my right shoulder. I was told to print out the lab history on my shoulder to show the surgeon. And expect a phone call within the next week for scheduling. Two weeks later, no phone call. I contacted them directly and spoke with a rep. I requested a specific doctor in my area who the VA doc recommended. The rep from the choice program said he put the request in and I should receive a phone call within the next couple of days. Two weeks later, no phone call back. I contact the choice program and they inform me they are still waiting. Approximately a week later, receive a phone call from the choice program. Rep tells me they scheduled an appointment for July 3rd at a local hospital. I ask, what about the doctor I requested? Well, he doesn't accept our insurance. Ok...... On today's date, I receive a call from the hospital. Well, she just wanted to verify my appointment on the 3rd for PHYSICAL THERAPY..... I respond, well.. i'm supposed to be getting surgery... She goes on to tell me, yea this wouldn't be the first time something like this has happened with the choice program. I'll have to cancel this request. So I contact the choice program. Explain to the rep what happened [over 4x at that]. "Well sir, you'll have to contact your provider and ask he put in a request for physical therapy then". My response, "I feel like i'm talking to a wall right now. You must not have listened to shit I said." Well if you use profanity it will not be tolerated. "Ok mom". Hang up and call back, spoke with a rep who understood what I was saying. Informs me the request was put in for outpatient services. ie: hospital visit, physical therapy etc. Nothing for inpatient services. So now, almost 3 months lost. Back to step one. Hereeeee weeeee gooooo. About exactly how my apnea test went with the choice program Sorry for the rant
  3. Thank you for replying and your support. At that moment I was completely shocked with how she approached the situation. And it agrivated me she suggested I was hurting other veterans chances of obtaining care because of my issue. I will be contacting patient advocacy tomorrow about this. She was way out of line. But I wanted to make sure my anger and frustration is justified before I release the reins.
  4. Hello all, I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right section. But I wanted to discuss my experience today at my local clinic. First off, I am 100% T&P one of my conditions is right shoulder loss of ROM. I've been dealing with this since I was 19 YOA in the Marines. And have been treated by my VA since My EAS. Now I'm civilian working in law enforcement. While on the job I hurt my shoulder again. Which caused a flare up. I seemed care through my VA and reported it to my employer. My employer wanted a fit for duty form filled out by my P/C. So today as I checked in and met with the nurse to take my readings and speak about my reason for being their. She told me I should have reported it to workmans comp. She also told me that it's not fair I get treated from the VA as I'm taking money from veterans who need care. I felt very offended about this. I was trying to do the right thing by going to the VA and keeping on top of my condition. I didn't look at as taking money from other vets, I would never do that! It was already suspected I had a labrum tear even before I was LEO and I am waiting for an MRI which is next week. My question is, am I wrong to go to the VA? I was under the impression any condition which was originally cause by military service and has worsened over time due to every day activities or work is still a service connected issue? I just need to know the legality in this, I thought I did the right thing but now I'm not so sure.
  5. Thank you for all of the information. I was recently rated 100% t&p and was told this was a benefit I have now. Seems to be a great program.
  6. Not sure if this post is in the correct place. Anyone that has experience with this program I would like to know some things about it. Does the VA cover the cost for school or a portion of it? Is it similar to the GI bill? And from what I've read it can be used for spouse or children. Is it a one time use?
  7. So. Since I was awarded in July. It won't be the new amount until August. Even though they back paid me? Man this is confusing
  8. Do you know why they would retro me 1200 and then pay me my previous award amount this month. I checked my account and I have a pending deposit for the same amount I was when I was 90%. Trying to make sense out of this all.
  9. Okay I'll have to see when I get my envelope. I did notice I have a pending deposit of 1200 in my account from the VA. This suggests they are back paying me from July and not May which is when I opened my claim.
  10. Okay I was able to see two of my conditions increased percentages. I didn't apply for IU, only an increase of my conditions. I thought IU is typically requested when you are less than 100% but get paid 100% rate. 60% rated receiving 100% rated pay
  11. Is there a way to find out before the packet? Wouldn't that be on ebenefits?
  12. IU? The downloadable letter in my benefits summary said January 1st.
  13. My claim is completed. I'm 100% p&t. I reviewed the letter on ebenefits and it says effective day 7/1/16 but my claim was put in on 5/7/16 will they pay the past months or only effective date.
  14. Just to inform everyone. It seems my email may have helped us out. I received a call today from the Orlando medical center. We spoke about the issue with 2 consultations. Apparently someone contacted them (most likely a result of my email) and asked they look into the issue I had. They are now going through other claims and ensuring they are resolved. I guess multiple veterans had the same issue.
  15. My claim has moved to preparation for notification. If increased I should be at 100%. Is there any ways I can find out if I got it?
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