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  1. Thanks Buck! It's been about a month and I haven't heard back from Vocational Rehabilitation since my initial application. Said they were sending out rep to do homework visit. How long should all of this process take
  2. I know about the this link Sgt Cox. Appreciate it. But I'm looking for information from individuals who have already been or are going through this program. Want to know what their experience is or was like. Thanks again.
  3. I had an appointment at Vocational Rehabilitation yesterday for Independent Living Services. After completing the necessary paperwork I was told that a Counselor would contact me and come out to do a home visit. I was wondering who has already gone through this process and what your experience was like? I am 100% disabled Total and Permanent and Unemployable. I have chronic back issues, chronic migraines, Stage 3 Renal Failure, PTSD, Depression, Carpal Tunnel (both wrists), Sleep Apnea. What exactly can I expect from this program? What are my chances on being approved? I have read that individuals receive adjustable/therapeutic beds, computers, lift chairs, etc... How long is the program good for? Any and all information will be helpful. Thanking everyone in advance Anthony
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