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  1. I figured out how to access my C&P exam through the blue button and I was shocked. I have been rated at 20% for several years with an additional 10% for radiculapothy. The examiner notes read as if she was examining someone other than me. She noted no radiculapothy and also somehow measured me at 45 degrees forward flexion. It is like she literally lied on the DBQ. I have not had 45 degrees forward flexion in years and the radiculapothy is fairly persistent. If I understand the ratings correctly, her findings are good enough to get my rating lowered despite being much worse off than I was when the 20% was granted. Do they get performance bonuses to screw people?
  2. Just wondering about the DBQ you posted. I had a C&P exam for my back a few weeks ago, I do not see a DBQ posted by the examiner, should I see it in eBenefits?
  3. I was rated over a decade ago at 10% for a Lumbar Strain. About 5 years ago the rating was increased to 20% for lumbar strain with an additional (secondary) rating of 10% for radiculapothy, sorry spell check won't touch that, numbness of the left extremity. I finally filed an appeal tied in with another issue that included a full diagnosis by a real doctor. It included multiple issues, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease and on and on. Does the VA rate those independently through the combined rating table, or do they simply grant the highest rating of all the issues? I always felt like "lumbar strain" sounded rather temporary. My doc says I will need 2-3 fusions, I'm just terrified to do it and can't afford to stay out of work for a couple of months.
  4. Several months ago I finally had a "Burn Pit" (Environmental Exposure) examination. The letter that I received a few weeks later stated that I have a "presumptive" service connection due to Irritable Bowel Syndrome and I was invited in the letter to apply for compensation. I've never known the VA to invite people to apply for something that would cost them money. I have been concerned about the overall effects of the burn pits for years, but it was only a couple of years ago when I started discovering that many other illnesses have been linked to burn pit exposure. I have been far more concerned about my problems breathing but it is practically impossible to pursue that despite now being on a rescue and COPD inhaler. Has anyone else had a favorable outcome when the VA invited you to apply?
  5. I know the title is confusing. I met with a VSO several weeks ago and she prepared a claim for me. SHe had me digitally sign and told me she would send it forward when I sent in the medical records. It took a couple of weeks to get the records and once I had everything ready I was unable to get a response from her. Her office said she had been out ill. When I did hear back her reply was that I needed to come in to see her and complete a claim. I was thinking she had me mixed up with someone else. As it is, I've only had a one sentence response in four weeks and no calls have been returned. I'm thinking I should just submit myself through eBenefits. If she ever gets caught up and sends the claim forward, will it mess anything up. In all honestly I'm thinking it is not a VSO that would be beneficial anyway.
  6. Thanks Andyman73. I guess I should submit the MRI and see what happens. I'm terrified that they will somehow lower my rating despite the condition becoming worse. I've heard many horror stories.
  7. I was rated 10% for a lumbar strain 9-10 years ago. About three years ago the rating was increased to 20% with a secondary rating of 10% for radiculopothy. I've was relatively successful in reducing serious flare ups by being careful not to do anything too strenuous. In the last couple of years it has become more debilitating and the flare ups are longer in duration and happen without anything necessarily causing it. I finally went in to seek help from a specialist. My MRI shows advanced Degenerative Disc Disease, protusions (blown discs) and stenosis. I'm in physical therapy, which helps for a couple of days. After that the surgeon said we would try injections, and ultimately he said that if I can't get to an acceptable pain level I will ultimately need surgery. He said it's more of a "when" rather than "if" thing for surgery, and he also said it will be a major operation that will require some fusions. Needless to say I don't want that happening anytime soon. My question: I'm rated for a lumbar strain, should I appeal to the VA for a more proper coding or is that a waste of time? I've been told that a "Lumbar Strain" rating is considered to be a temporary thing. Thanks in advance for any advise.

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