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  1. So I found out that my TDIU P&T was approved. i have a few questions. 1. Can I get champ VA for my depends (son and parent) 2. Can I work for my aunt if the job is a Sheltered Employment, or does that not apply since it is permanent? 3. Can I get a home and not have to pay taxes in Florida? 4. the back pay date just says N/A, when will it post? This concludes all of my questions, thank you.
  2. So i just finished my C&P for tdiu/increase last week. Everything went well, "can't hold job due to service connected symptoms etc".. Now they're saying "We have requested copies of your disability medical records from Social Security." I just contacted social security and they have no records for me, because I never filed for social security. I'm worried about them denying me because I never filed for social security. Should I be worried? Is this normal?
  3. So I meet all the requirements, I have a service connected social anxiety disorder rated at 70%. Due to that, I am unable to work in around people, without severe symptoms. I have not worked in over 2 years leaving my last job due to social anxiety. I filled out the two forms and mailed it today. Should I have any worry about the next few steps? What i've read may or may not have to do another c&p, and it should be an open and shut case, because I match every requirement. What do you guys think, would I be an open and shut case, or will this be a long and drawn out fight? Also, is there a back pay for tdiu? Thanks in advance bros!
  4. So hypothetically if I came in the military with perfect hearing, and on my seperation hearing exam it showed a severe hearing loss, and so did my hearing c&p, would that be enough to be s/c even if I didn't have a typically loud mos? Would those tests prove and s/c tinnitus?
  5. Ok, so he should expect 0% even though kyphosis wasn't in his military med records? What about the rom, can he claim or would they connect the poor rom with the kyphosis diagnoses?
  6. My friend had back problems in his military career, but he never went to sick call or anything for it. On the sep physical he did complain about back problems, and was ordered PT and pain meds after physical for decreased ROM. During the c&p the doctor listed his rom as more than 60, but less than 90, I told him thats 10% but not sure if he put a disease or a reason for the lack of ROM. He separated 10 months ago, last week he went to the doctor and was diagnosed with mild lumbar kyphosis and lumbar sprain. Does he have a shot at getting anything service connected? His MOS required a lot of standing and walking if that helps, I told him it should.
  7. The c&p examiner did do a rom test, he didn't tell me the results just while measuring he said my rom was very poor, they same the same thing at my exit physical, and the private doctor also wrote decreased rom that in my notes.
  8. So my private doctor diagnosed me with osteoarthritis when I went to the appointment and gave me meds for osteoarthritis, so thats what I told the examiner and showed him the meds. When I went to pick up the paperwork from the private doctor's office it says lumbar strain with decreased ROM and mild Lumbar Kyphosis, says nothing about OA. I was under a year separated at the time, of both the c&p and private doc visit, and I complained about back pain on my exit service exam and got an order for PT. Would they service connect this, and if they do what would they s/c?
  9. Ok, my issue is I had an event, but I never got treated for psych issues while in. So if there was an inservice event, and I received a favorable c&p with a diagnoses that points to the event being the cause. Could I still be rated even though there was no in service treatment?
  10. I filed for a psych issue and was diagnosed with a disease from the c&p examiner, but on the exit physical I stated that I had no psych issues because I wasn't aware at the time it was an issue. How would the RO look at that? What is the website to look at past historical decisions that others got?
  11. I highly doubt that ROs are looking for your forum messages. Thats like when you first signed up they tell you meps detectives are going to follow you around to see if you lied about injuries or health problems.
  12. Yea, I just have to wait for the decision.. I just have really bad anxiety, which Im filing for. Quick question, In my exit exam I don't remember if I told him I had psych issues, I think I told him no though. Im almost positive I got a very favorable psych c&p, with a life threatening event during my career that was the fault of the military which I believe was the reason for my issues. Would me saying I had no psych issues during exit physical effect anything?
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