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  1. Example: Episodes of condition occur continuously monthly = 50% Episodes of condition occur once a month on average = 30% Episodes of condition occur once every two months = 10% Prior to medication condition met the 50%. With medication the condition meets the 10%. Medication is required for life to maintain reduced episodes. Which scenario will the reviewer utilize to determine %? Thanks in advance.
  2. Long time reader, first time poster. Many thanks for all of the valuable advice. Current ratings: 100% UI P&T 90% Rating Disabilities: 40% Head injury with C5 fracture, headaches and history of right upper extremity radiculopathy 40% Low back pain with degenerative joint disease, lumbar 30% Page Kidney; Status Post Left Nephrectomy 30% Somatic symptom disorder with predominant pain with unspecified anxiety and depressive disorder (previously addressed as Panic Disorder, Competent) 10% Hypertension 10% Scar, status post incisional
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