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  1. Example: Episodes of condition occur continuously monthly = 50% Episodes of condition occur once a month on average = 30% Episodes of condition occur once every two months = 10% Prior to medication condition met the 50%. With medication the condition meets the 10%. Medication is required for life to maintain reduced episodes. Which scenario will the reviewer utilize to determine %? Thanks in advance.
  2. Long time reader, first time poster. Many thanks for all of the valuable advice. Current ratings: 100% UI P&T 90% Rating Disabilities: 40% Head injury with C5 fracture, headaches and history of right upper extremity radiculopathy 40% Low back pain with degenerative joint disease, lumbar 30% Page Kidney; Status Post Left Nephrectomy 30% Somatic symptom disorder with predominant pain with unspecified anxiety and depressive disorder (previously addressed as Panic Disorder, Competent) 10% Hypertension 10% Scar, status post incisional hernia repair All are Service Connected and all treatments and records have been at the VA since my medical discharge in 1992. I have read on here many times to never risk the 100% IU P&T. However, due to my age (46) with 2 small children I definitely hope to be able to earn more income someday without the worry of having to weigh the risks of losing benefits. Of course my age may be a key indicator for the VA to refuse me 100%. My case to increase my rating is based upon the following "new" issues I have experienced for the last couple of years: 1. Severe sciatic pain and numbness for over a year (left leg). Multiple emergency room visits and now out patient chiropractic treatments. I have been a Pain Clinic patient for over 10 years receiving nerve ending burn shots every 6 months with the occasional epidural injection. 2. Urinary frequency and leakage. In the process of taking several prostate exams before a final determination that this is being caused by the nerve issues in my back. 3. Hypothyroidism w/medication. 4. 2nd Hernia repair. This scenario takes me to 100%: 40% Urinary Frequency (I definitely meet the requirements) 0% Urinary Dysfunction (not bad enough) 20% Sciatica (I believe I could be 40%) 10% Hypothyroidism w/medication. 0% 2nd Hernia Repair Unless the sciatica is lumped in with my back injury I do not see a request for a increase for a current disability. I do not see how I could be at risk of having current disabilities reduced. Neck is worse. Back is worse. Kidney still not there. Mental health was rated only 5 months ago. Still have hypertension. Still have hernia scar. I have been on IU for over 2 years with zero employment during this time. What would you do if you were me and do you have any suggestions on the particular new claims? (I have read here the sciatic language may need to be a certain way to keep it separate.) Many thanks in advance!
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