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  1. Thanks for the reply broncovet. I've had the loans going back to February 2014, the effective date of my 100% is March 2016.
  2. I checked the status of my VA claim status on eBenefit.com Friday (May 20, 2016) and discovered that my claim was increased from 80% to 100% Total & Permanently. I have not yet received the actual award letter in the mail, but have a question that someone may to able to help me with. I have 3 active loans from my credit union, all of which have disability loan insurance. I have never missed a payment, I'm retired Army and prior to being award 100% I've been at 80% for over 4 years I also have a small pension from employment after the military. My question is now that I'm at 100% total & permanently disabled can I file a claim with my credit union and have the insurance make my payments although I have not worked in 4 years and had and have other income prior to becoming total and permanent?
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