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  1. @GBARMY, You are absolutely right brother, the veteran got is back pay today! Thanks. Allan 2-2-0 HUAH!
  2. Got a veteran who's presently at 70% scheduler, and he just got back his decision letter for four disability increases, four "deferred" decisions, and one approval for convalescence. The decision letter is pretty much self explanatory, except that: 1. Of all eight of the increase requests mentioned above, the answers for four of the conditions were deferred, with no other explanation! 2. The decision letter doesn't tell the veteran what his new disability percentage is. 3. The decision letter does mention that his dependents are eligible for educational benefits. 4. The veteran was approved for one month's convalescent back in December, after a hospital stay with surgery. 5. The veteran hasn't received any "back pay" for any of his newly approved-April 29th decisions that as I calculate using the VA scale, amounts to 100%. Folks, I have been helping veterans with their questions for 25 years now, but this is the most screwed-up decision letter I have ever seen! Tells the veteran NOTHING! So what are MY questions you ask? Honestly, I'm confused on what the hell to ask! Input, questions.., anyone? Allan 2-2-0 HUAH!
  3. @brokensoldier244th, the rep from the Nashville Regional office told me the same thing yesterday. In paraphrasing, she said "We always get these changes first, and it takes time to get the word out to veterans.." I've learned over the years to stay ahead of the VA, and document everything. Thanks to knowledgeable veterans like yourself brokensoldier244, life for us veterans is made a little easier. Yes the M21, the email from the VA, and the call to my LOCAL VA yesterday is enough "proof" for me to save time and effort from messing with the 21-4140, and frees up valuable time to help other veterans. Allan(The 21-4140LESS) 2-2-0 HUAH!
  4. Buck, the email actually does say where it's from, Nashville Regional Office. Your local office should be able to substantiate the email, called mine yesterday and they told me the exact same thing, and is sending me a letter to prove it. Good enough for me. Allan 2-2-0 HUAH!
  5. Buck, here is the official email from the VA Regional Office in Nashville that directly tells us that IU recipients DO NOT need to supply a 21-4140 UNLESS the VA requests one. The Social Security Administration now reports employment(or non employment) to the VA SHOULD the IU veteran have EARNED income that's ABOVE the poverty line. It's cut and dried to me, so no more 21-4140s from me to the VA, and I will keep the "proof" I've attached here. As far as I'm concerned, this is puts all questions to rest. Allan 2-2-0 HUAH! IF the attachment is a little fuzzy, email me here and I will send it directly to you. Hadit.pdf
  6. Special thanks out to brokensoldier244.. As I just posted, your information is correct, and I now have the "official" update from the VA about the ins and outs of the 21-4140, dated 5 October, 2018. As stated, I will redact the email I got from the VA, and post it here ASAP. Allan 2-2-0 HUAH!
  7. Buck, just got off the phone with the VA, and am happy to announce that vets on IU DO NOT have to submit a 21-4140 as of October 5th, 2018. The NEW policy is that the VA will contact the veteran IF they want him/her to submit the 21-4140 AFTER the VA confers with The Social Security Administration. I have the Official email from the VA that states the above, and will post it here after I redact it. Buck, or any veteran here can send me an email here at hadit.com, if you would like for me to forward the email I got from the VA. So Buck, Vetquest,..et al, GREAT NEWS! Also, thank you ALL for your input on this matter! Allan 2-2-0 HUAH!
  8. @Buck52, I -posted the question about the 21-4140-1 requirement here a day or so ago, and asked Berta and Chris Atig for their input. They probably either didn't see my post, or are busy. I have the VA on hold now with the question.. Allan 2-2-0 HUAH!
  9. Buck, my award packet form 2015, and many other veterans I'm helping who got IU after 2015, did not get a "caution letter" telling them to file a 21-4140-1 each year. As I mentioned before, if you go to VA's website, and type in "21-4140-1"(you left out the -1), it tells you "No results", see what I'm saying here? Allan 2-2-0 HUAH!
  10. @Buck52, I'm speaking more about IU P&T veterans, not 100% scheduler. IU vets don't get any indication in their award letters about a requirement to file a 21-4140 each year of their anniversary, nothing even close to it. That's my point, thus why I'm calling the VA today. Yes, there is a manual that talks about employment reporting with IU, but where is a specific regulation, law.., that states IU vets MUST file a 21-4140 each year? Allan 2-2-0 HUAH!
  11. @brokensoldier244th, as I am reading that manual again, it appears, at least to me, it's telling VA personnel that "monitoring employment is no longer required.."(paraphrasing), and doesn't specifically tell the IU veteran the 21-4140 is no longer required. As we all know, the VA loves to catch us off guard; when I was awarded IU, not a word, not a document talking about employment verification.., nothing. The times I sent in the 21-4140, I never got a response from the VA, no hint if they got the form or not. Today, as I mentioned to Buck, I'm calling the VA and asking them specifically the "law" concerning employment reporting for IU vets, and will take names, manual info.., the whole ball of wax, and will post it here. Yes, there is a "common sense" factor here as it applies to your information/manual content about IU, but then again, since when does the VA use common sense? Allan 2-2-0 HUAH!
  12. @Buck52, I read on a lawyer's website yesterday that at one time the VA did "suspend" the requirement for the 21-4140-1, but after some rift with the SSA, they reinstated the requirement for sending it in for ALL IU recipients. @brokensoldier244th, do you have the date(s) of the manual you saw showing that the 21-4140-1 is no longer required? Allan 2-2-0 HUAH!
  13. @Buck52, don't you have somebody at the VA that you talk to, Donna or something? You might call her tomorrow and ask her about the IU question, as well as the Employment form. I will call the VA tomorrow with the same questions, get a name and reference of who I talk to, and post the info tomorrow. @brokensoldier244th, I talked to the American Legion today about what you've been posting concerning Employment forms to fill out, they are under the impression you still have to fill out the form. Allan 2-2-0 HUAH!
  14. @Buck52, On another note, and out of curiosity, I went to the VA's "official" website, and under forms I typed "21-4140-1", and it came up "Not Found", I typed it in again, and still Not Found! Has the VA done away with VA Form 21-4140-1? Allan 2-2-0 HUAH!
  15. Berta, I thumbed through the Hill and Potton links and didn't find anything that specifically addresses the "law" about the use of a 21-4140 Employment Questionnaire, as discussed earlier in this thread. Thrash me if I missed something(-; Allan 2-2-0 HUAH!
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