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  1. The difference between veterans who need help,  and are willing to help themselves, and veterans who just want help without doing what it takes to help themselves, is the difference between getting 100% and getting 0%.

    1. GBArmy


      Allan I'll agree with you up to a point. But there are a lot of veterans out there that have disabilities that should be s-c but they are just not capable of managing the process. Their memory is gone, or just too feeble to get to someone to help them. They don't have an advocate to help; maybe is financial, or transportation. I've helped a few in nursing homes; found out how to contact a family member so they know help is possible. But unfortunately, many just are too lazy to do anything to help themselves. I tell these veterans how to do and what to do and who to see, etc. Then I tell them if you don't do what I have advised within 48 hours, you won't do it at all. Sad part is, most don't follow thru. As we say all the time, you the veteran are your best advocate. If you don't care, why the hell should anybody else?

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