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  1. Afternoon fellow vets, A question I get all the time from other vets, and a question I have is, does age play a factor when a veteran is IU P&T and over 62? In other words, do the work restrictions for earned income still come into play AFTER the IU veteran turns 62+? Example: Joe/Jane Veteran is 62, IU P&T, and wants to work stocking widgets on a shelf in Mr. Woo's Grab and Go department store. Does Joe/Jane need to worry that the VA will come after them for working, and threaten to zap their IU? Thanks, Allan 2-
  2. @Shrek, no he didn't file for tinnitus back in 1990. He did file numerous times for hearing loss AFTER 1990, but was denied a higher rating than the original 0% from 1990. The veteran was awarded TDIU P&T in 2016. Allan 2-2-0 HUAH!
  3. Got a veteran who is TDIU P&T who won 10% claim for tinnitus as a secondary condition to bilateral hearing loss, dated The original hearing loss connected to the above award was dated 11/20/1990 and read "Hearing loss right ear" rated as 0% In this newest award it reads "Tinnitus secondary to bilateral hearing loss(previously rated as hearing loss, right ear 0%) 10% dated 11/18/2019. 1. Did the VA moot the 11/20/1990 by mistake as the date the tinnitus should have been secondary to? 2. Can the veteran expect any retro, and how far back?
  4. I agree with Berta, A CUE is probably the last route to take given that this issue can be handled locally, and only entails a few months retro, and not years. The Regional office using a 21-526 should handle this issue in a timely manner. Appeals, CUEs...are too complicated for this issue. Allan 2-2-0 HUAH!
  5. @bronco, and the downside of a CUE is that you have ONE shot to get it right. CUEs also have to have the right wording in order to be accepted. Kuwait, CUEs can be complicated, and I suggest if you go with a CUE, contact Berta here on hadit.com, she's the "Queen" of CUEs. Her guidance helped me win my CUE some years ago. Allan 2-2-0 HUAH!
  6. Appealing in this case will probably take forever. If you're a member of American Legion, DAV.., present your case to them BEFORE you do anything else. Many times, veteran's help organizations have "inside" sources that can speed things up, especially cases where Retro is involved. Allan 2-2-0 HUAH!
  7. @Paul, Lots of Omega-3, green teas, fish, fish oils, daily multiple vitamins, and try to walk daily as much as possible. I'm sure you already know the diet and exercise routine by now. I've been doing all the above now for bout 3 years, have lost 32 pounds, blood pressure is excellent(eat oatmeal daily), and all my labs, including LDL/HDL are normal. I'm mid 60's, and cam e to realize you just gotta make some life changes when it comes to your health. Allan 2-2-0 HUAH!
  8. Yes Buck, Gastone gave a lot of good information out. I have one email from him that had me laughing so hard, I choked and spilled a glass of Crown & Coke all over my keyboard! Hope he returns real soon. God is good. Allan
  9. Man Buck, this is scary, I was just wondering about Gastone myself. I was going over my emails from him, and was wondering what happened to him? Hope to God he's OK. Allan 2-2-0 HUAH!
  10. @Paul, and I digress, there are a FEW occasions when P&T won't "save" you, and the main one is IF(strong if) someone gained disability awards, payments illegally. There is one other RARE way P&T won't save you from reduction, and it has something to do with mental conditions. Allan 2-2-0 HUAH!
  11. @Paul, generally if you're over 55 and are P&T, nothing to worry about. Doing this VA thing for 25 years now, I've only seen two cases that were proposals to reduce, and BOTH of them were for mental conditions, and the veterans were NOT P&T, and were under 55. Allan 2-2-0 HUAH!
  12. @Dustoff, this disputes buck's contention that you just had to be in the military DURING Vietnam to be presumptive for CAD. Is there something in writing that states you had to have "boots on the ground", for presumptive CAD? Allan 2-2-0 HUAH!
  13. @Buck, there are many reasons to file after you're SC 100%. SCMs, TDIU wanting to get 100% Scheduler for working reasons, Retro... hadit.com's lawyer Chris Attig advocates that there are 5 reasons to file AFTER you've gotten 100% I'm a good example of it. I have worsening SC conditions that weren't included in my TDIU P&T, that date back to 1990. Granted the Retro will be sweet, but for me, the 100% Scheduler is even better(I have my reasons). Allan 2-2-0 HUAH!
  14. @Buck, the difficult part here is that CAPD doesn't show up on any known tests the military or VA gives. Like tinnitus, it's presumed that the veteran has it after other ear-related diagnoses connects the dots, and the veteran admits hearing sounds. Providing a connection to active duty will probably be as difficult as connecting sleep apnea. Doable, but hard. Allan 2-2-0 HUAH!
  15. @bronco, I was diagnosed with CAD a few years ago, and was in during Vietnam. Do you happen to have a link or reference to CAD being presumptive? Allan 2-2-0 HUAH!
  16. @GBArmy, pain levels are now required to be included in your medical records, and even though there is no "scale" used at the RO level to include in rating decisions, pain has to be a factor somewhere. I've seen buddy letters that describe pain as observed by others, and I've seen 100% ratings come from those buddy letters mentioned here. I agree though that if Shrek has some information on pain as it applies to ratings, I would sure like to know the 411 about it. Allan 2-2-0 HUAH! P.S., "pain" for me being stationed in TDC would have being stuc
  17. @chamilton, as far as rating pain levels, none exists, but, you can make your pain levels verbally known every time you visit your VA doctor, as they are supposed to ask you about pain. Pull up your answers to the pain questions from myhealthevet files, and use them to your advantage when filing claims. OH, and feel free to say "Merry Christmas", the "happy holidays" in my opinion, has wore itself out! Merry Christmas! Allan 2-2-0 HUAH!
  18. @CV, heart conditions carry numerous secondary conditions, too many to mention here. Because of the complexity of heart conditions, I would suggest: 1.Get a copy of your "C" file, all three sleeves, left, right and middle. 2. Get copies of ALL civilian medical records, including heart-related conditions,... 3. Contact a good veterans organization such as American Legion, DAV...and present them with what you want to do. Also, there are one or two GOOD medical groups out there that do DBQs for a living; of course they charge a fee, and the fees are usually
  19. The difference between veterans who need help,  and are willing to help themselves, and veterans who just want help without doing what it takes to help themselves, is the difference between getting 100% and getting 0%.

    1. GBArmy


      Allan I'll agree with you up to a point. But there are a lot of veterans out there that have disabilities that should be s-c but they are just not capable of managing the process. Their memory is gone, or just too feeble to get to someone to help them. They don't have an advocate to help; maybe is financial, or transportation. I've helped a few in nursing homes; found out how to contact a family member so they know help is possible. But unfortunately, many just are too lazy to do anything to help themselves. I tell these veterans how to do and what to do and who to see, etc. Then I tell them if you don't do what I have advised within 48 hours, you won't do it at all. Sad part is, most don't follow thru. As we say all the time, you the veteran are your best advocate. If you don't care, why the hell should anybody else?

  20. @vet, just curious, do you have a Nexus for those headaches linked directly or indirectly to active duty? Allan 2-2-0 HUAH!
  21. "The difference between veterans who need help, and are willing to help themselves, and veterans who just want help without doing what it takes to help themselves, is 100% versus 0%"
  22. @Paul, SUPER! Also, I'm not sure about Florida, but in South Carolina you get free access to all state and federal parks, free salt water AND fresh water fishing license, no property taxes on 2 vehicles, one dwelling..., and on and on.. Allan 2-2-0 HUAH!
  23. @Paul, Florida is very generous to us vets. Have you checked the state VA website for all the goodies allotted to us vets? Allan 2-2-0 HUAH!
  24. @Paul, well, you could go fishing. Buck was teasing me about that the other day while we were discussing my retro. "Go fishing, stay busy..", of course I had to let Buck know that money is no issue with me, give me the 100% scheduler, and I'll be happier than a dolphin in a school of anchovies! Allan 2-2-0 HUAH!
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