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  1. Yea, we shouldn't discount the recent changes in the VA, however. I've seen many comments about this and I can only speak to my experience in the San Diego region: I submitted 4 FDCs in the last 18 months. The first one took the longest (6 months) to decision....presumably because they had to gather all my records. The next 3 turned to tradition for one reason or another. Those only took weeks to decision. The last one I asked for a reconsideration and I think this will be decided within days.
  2. My experience...no, never too late. The risk is moving a Fully Developed Claim (FDC) to a traditional claim, by adding new evidence. Things are moving quite briskly of late and I think it will have little, if any, affect on the timeline. In fact, if information arrives after a decision is made you can request a reconsideration. I would add it immediately. Good luck!
  3. I received my C-file a couple of months ago. It took 13 months.
  4. I had my C&P exam yesterday for Musculoskeletal - Neck/Upper Back (Cervical Spine) and Cervical Radiculopathy (Both Sides). I will post the results when I find them. He did both tests as Mikey explained...passive and slide rule. Like you, I have constant pain and I explained that to the doctor. During a normal day, when someone speaks to me from the side, I will turn my head some and use my body for the rest of the motion. That is the stopping point that I used for the test. My integrity is intact. BTW, do not take medication that day, if you can function without it.
  5. Berta, I'm sorry your loss is still acute. I wish you well. This week I had a Personal Hearing w/DRO ( Hearing reconsideration/NOD) and C&P (QTC) reconsideration for cervical issues. I have 2 observations...both anecdotal: 1. The DRO and my VSO got to talking about the recently VA legislation signed by the President. The DRO seemed happy that it goes into effect next week and removes hindrances to speedy appeals. My Wounded Warrior rep seemed unaware. I'm not versed in the legislation but it sounded good for the veterans and it was happening SOON. 2. And in support of Bronc's comments. The QTC doctor that examined me seemed pretty versed in my medical record. He said all the elements were there except the in-service event (parachute malfunction). He asked my help pointing this out because he couldn't give me a favorable recommendation on my say so alone. It was in my C-file and I showed him a copy. He seemed relieved and when I went on to show other evidence, he stopped me. He said, I don't need it. You gave me what I need. He took a couple of minutes taking measurements and I was out the door in a total of 15 minutes from my arrival. I arrived 30 min early and I was out in 15. The veteran should not expect the VA (All) to do a thorough job. They just don't have the time...skimming is commonplace. And, some are just worthless. BTW, I think things went well in both cases, but we will see.
  6. I have submitted a NOD and I am soon to have a face to face with a DRO. Can anyone tell me what to expect? Is this a formal meeting; is there a dress code, etc?
  7. I received my CPAP through Tricare Prime. Other than the initial authorization I gave to the VA to view my records I have sent nothing to them and they have asked nothing of me. It is going on 1 year since I was approved for compensation.
  8. All, My claim for this was denied/Not Service Connected. I am waiting for the official letter. Never was there a more righteous request. I know my issues originated from a parachute malfunction where I was subsequently service connected for both shoulders and lumbar fracture. For the life of me I am stunned that they didn't see the connection. They didn't even deem it worthy enough to schedule me a C&P exam. I have never submitted a NOD. Should I request a reconsideration first. I am miffed and now resolved for the long haul. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Does an opinion from a Physician's Assistant (PA) carry any weight?

  10. Just got word Veteran was Approved

    It's always good to hear about a positive outcome. Thanks for what you do!