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  1. I agree with PW and Bronc. I would add however, to stay on top of this, especially if the deffer-ed claim no longer shows on E-ben nor Vets.gov. They can mistakenly close the deffer-ed claim and than it's difficult to get them to reopen it. This happened to me. Probably an anomaly, but they reopened the wrong claim, none of the background files reappeared. Ultimately, they approved my claim, but the effective date became the date they reopened the claim. I am still correcting this with a NOD.

    Tricare New Changes cost WAY MORE!!

    Best explanation I've seen yet. Thanks! I would add, you can't work or you are significantly limited when you are receiving SSDI.
  3. TBird, Can I get consent to plug a friend's book here. It is a book that helps disabled vets deal with PTSD. Much, if not all his proceeds are going back to disabled vets. After retiring from the Navy (EOD), started and eventually sold a successful business to devote his time and resources to help vets. He start a retreat in VA. I can give you the name, if it helps. I'm intentionally leaving detailed info out until I get permission. I was hoping I could add the link here.

    Tricare New Changes cost WAY MORE!!

    The best thing for you to do is call or visit your local Tricare. Don't take my word for it. Good luck!

    Tricare New Changes cost WAY MORE!!

    I forgot, you will have to pay the $134 for Medicare Part B. However, the benifits of nearly no limits on coverage, made and I think no copay makes up for.

    Tricare New Changes cost WAY MORE!!

    There is a lot of "ifs" here. You don't lose your Tricare. The Social Security Administration will automatically have Medicare kick in after 2 years of being on SSDI. I believe, at that point your primary health care will be Medicare and Tricare will pick up anything that Medicare doesn't cover. It's a really good deal. i am 100% P&T, I have SSDI and I use Tricare. My 2 years on SSDI comes up in Nov but I also turn 65. Therefore, I will have Medicare and Tricare.

    Tricare New Changes cost WAY MORE!!

    Grump, it is easy to apply for SSDI...just make an appointment and they do it all for you. Since your 100%, there is a good chance you will get it. Remember, SSDI also considers your non service connected maladies.

    Effective Date Error a CUE?

    E-Ben and Vets now reflect the increase...no package yet.
  9. Paul, you should know a website costs money to maintain and improve...it's not a drop in the bucket. In order to provide a free source for advise and help, the only way to do it is to sell adds, and/or ask for subscriptions, or take it out of pocket. Myself? The subscription price is low enough and well worth the money. Because of the work relationship, it might even be tax deductible.
  10. EODCMC

    Retirees NOT eligible for ChampVA

    It doesn't serve as a link for me and when I Google "Apr 5, 2012 source citation" , it doesn't provide the source...not readily anyway. No matter.
  11. EODCMC

    Retirees NOT eligible for ChampVA

    Well, based on this information (info), I have no decision to make. I am required to use Tricare. Can You tell me where this info is referenced from? It's dated in 2012.
  12. EODCMC

    Effective Date Error a CUE?

    I queried my VSO rep again about my concerns. She responded with: "I apologize for any confusion or delay- when you sent me the signed NOD last Wednesday, I faxed it in. The NOD has already been filed in your case and should no longer be a concern. This is a moot point now that a decision has been made on the issue. As for the decision, it is possible for the decision to change between the date of the decision and the notification letter; however, it is unlikely. It sometimes takes a few days/weeks for the decision to be finalized and for that information to be reflected in ebenefits- please do not rely on ebenefits until the rating has been finalized- it is often unreliable. I will continue to check on your case this week and will let you know when it has been finalized. As for the effective date of the dermatitis, you filed an intent to file on 2/9/18 and a fully developed claim on 2/24/18 for an increase in dermatitis." I thanked her and told her: "Thanks for relieving me of my concerns. I feel comfortable and will await the arrival of the decision package. Please do not cancel the NOD until I have had a chance to review everything."
  13. Thanks Tbird, I will definitely renew at the end of May.
  14. Tbird, how do I know when my subscription is up for renewal?
  15. EODCMC

    Effective Date Error a CUE?

    "At higher levels, such as CAVC, these judges know how to read. Sometimes, hurrying your claim up is getting it to someone who knows how to read as quickly as possible" Probably so...definitely a good strategy if one is already being compensated at the 100% level.

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