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  1. Good point hard time. Logic tells me that there will be an increase in Space A travel with the new military budget. Talon's logic doesn't hold up, however. There is no medic requirement for retired military personnel, they never ask me about my medical conditions.
  2. Berta, In the short time that I have been visiting this site I have seen how revered you are and I know why. I too have been a recipient of your help and guidance. Bless you and your husband. Thank you for your service to our veterans, spouses and dependents. I hope one day I can shake your hand personally.
  3. Yea, someone on here not-so-fondly coined this the "Gathering Dust" phase. There is so much information they get from multiple sources. Not all of it is relevant to your C&P examiner. Stay nice, be firm and resolute. These folks aren't dishonest, although some get jaded by the human interaction. There probably should be term limits for rafters and VSO reps perhaps. I really think you are moving along in the normal fashion, from the information you have provided. good luck!
  4. He will be able to see the evidence when the VA posts it. They do have a special log in...trust me. If I were you, I would hold tight until the VA gathers your records. You will see them request it on E- benefits. There will be a deadline. In the meantime, you could research other VSOs in case you feel you need to make a change. Don't panic, adapt and overcome.
  5. From my experience Bronc is right and has helped countless folks here. I would add, use the help you get here to gently nudge your VSO in the right direction. They have a mandate to help you.
  6. Gunny, your dellema is that you don't have your "STRs". The VA will get this information rather quickly and won't act on your claim until they do. Regrettably, it usually takes nearly a year for the VA to send the C file to you. If you haven't sent your FOIA request, I suggest you do it now. Your VSO should do this for you. Therefore, you are pretty much in the dark when gauging the strength of your claim unless you have a very considerate VSO and will brief you. They can see this info, usually. However, they cannot give it to you in any form except verbally. Hang in there Marine! From what you have told us, you are in pretty good shape. Just a little catching up to do and a bit of a waiting game.
  7. This interests me. My concern, if I were you, is will I get military retirement via DFAS for my 23 years and concurrent receipt for your ailments via the VA? Two incomes are better than one.
  8. Gunny, thanks for the clarification. In this case, I would not check the "combat activity" box unless you actually served in theater. If they feel you did something in error, however well intention-ed, it can hold up your claim for months. This is something I have experienced. The claims that you list would probably not be aided by this anyway. I'd like to weigh in on 3 of your claims that I have some experience with: - "Reevaluate my back (current SC but at 0%)" : This should be looked at favorably providing your condition has worsened since your last P&T. If you are within a year of that decision, I would not "Reopen" the claim but ask for a reconsideration. It could benefit you where the effective date is concerned. - "Hearing Loss" : Something so common can be the most difficult to service connect. If you have had or are having a hearing exam outside your C&P exam, ask the examiner to look at your service record audio-grams. You should show a "Auditory Threshold Shift" in the 500, 1000, 2000, 3000 or 4000 Hertz range while on active duty and/or an incident where you have has inner or middle ear baratrauma. Ask them to point these things out in your test. VA Fast letter 10-35 lists military ratings, MOS and occupations and their hearing risk factors. This can aid you greatly if you were in any of the high risk fields. In my case the VA did not automatically research this. You need to point it out. - "Tinnitus" : Aside from what I mentioned in "Hearing Loss", if you get rated for hearing loss they will probably allow you the Tinnitus assumption. If you don't get rated for hearing loss, you will need to reference the occurrence somewhere in your SMR (Service Medical Record). Hopefully, the occurrence began after your threshold shift. I am no authority; my comments are based solely on my personal experience. I wish you luck (only because with the VA, you sometimes need it) but more importantly, I wish you good health. Thanks for your service!
  9. The benefit of this application is there is no rating threshold to receive tax free concurrent receipt compensation. A service member can be retired and receive compensation in addition to retirement even if they are rated at 10%. https://www.dfas.mil/retiredmilitary/disability/crsc.html
  10. It may be where Gny saw the distinction is when a person is applying for CRST or Combat Related Special Compensation. This does not require a person to be in the combat zone. If you are training for combat and receiving a hazardous duty pay e.g.; diving, jumping, demolitions etc, and get hurt during these activities, you may qualify.
  11. Thanks Berta, I just returned from travel. Yesterday the Big Yellow Envelope (actually, it's white) arrived. Everything was as aforementioned. The good news is I am 100% P&T, if being disabled can be good. As discussed, the Effective Date is Feb 9. not the original effective date " May 2, 2017 - I received a SC disability letter for Dermatitis at 10%. This was retroactive with an Effective Date of March 1, 2017". I will redact and post the decision over the next couple of days. I have not received the retro because I am retired military and they will take a couple of months to do the audits. Thanks again for your help.
  12. I agree with PW and Bronc. I would add however, to stay on top of this, especially if the deffer-ed claim no longer shows on E-ben nor Vets.gov. They can mistakenly close the deffer-ed claim and than it's difficult to get them to reopen it. This happened to me. Probably an anomaly, but they reopened the wrong claim, none of the background files reappeared. Ultimately, they approved my claim, but the effective date became the date they reopened the claim. I am still correcting this with a NOD.
  13. Best explanation I've seen yet. Thanks! I would add, you can't work or you are significantly limited when you are receiving SSDI.
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