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Status Updates posted by EODCMC

  1. Preparation for Notification for open claim and reconsideration;  Actinic Keratosis/ Cervical and Bilateral Cervical Radiculopathy respectively. SOC mailed concerning NOD; hearing loss and Tinnitus and chronic headaches. Should be an interesting mon-wed. 

  2. Does an opinion from a Physician's Assistant (PA) carry any weight?

  3. OK, I have submitted most of my SC afflictions and recently received my VA determination:

    Rated Disabilities at 80%

    • sleep apnea 50% Service Connected
    • lumbosacral strain with degenerative arthritis and vertebral fracture 20% Service Connected
    • right shoulder strain with glenohumeral joint osteoarthritis 20% Service Connected
    • left shoulder strain with AC joint osteoarthritis and calcific tendonitis residuals of arthroscopic or other shoulder surgery 20% Service Connected
    • rhinitis (claimed as sinusitis) 10% Service Connected
    • dermatitis 10% Service Connected
    • right hand 5th metacarpal bone fracture healed with residual deformity 0% Service Connected
    • scars (s/p basal cell carcinoma excisions, head injury, and abrasion of the left arm) 0% Service Connected
    • bilateral hearing loss Not Service Connected
    • tinnitus Not Service Connected
    • gastroenteritis Not Service Connected
    • headaches Not Service Connected
    • I am currently receiving SSDI

    I have issues concerning much of this, especially the ailments that were not rated as service connected. I plan to submit a number of NODs and perhaps a reconsideration. WWP is my VSO and have been very helpful; however, I am asking for your help also. Should I compartmentalize each grievance separately? The enormity of it could confusing. If so, how should I propose my info here? I requested my c-file more than a year ago. I think I'm getting close to receiving it because the est. date changed from 2018-2019 to a refined date of 22 Mar - 17 Jul of this year. I feel that I should have this. How do I know what information they used to determine my case?

    Thank you in advance for your help. 

    1. EODCMC


      Good news...I think. EB has moved my c-file request to Historical Claims:  

      07/12/2016 Freedom of Information Act / Privacy Act Request 05/16/2017
      • Attention: Development Letter SentDevelopment Letter Sent
      • Attention: Decision Notification SentDecision Notification Sent

      View Appeal Status


      I assume this means a disk is coming by mail.

  4. I notice that many of you, especially the more experienced ones, list your disabilities (with%) in your bio. I presume this is supplanted in your profile. Are you all using the "hobbies" field for this?

  5. Gastone, I was wondering if you could take a glance at one of my attachments labeled OSA with SC.PDF?

    The most recent sleep study had stated that I slept 20% of the time with 02 partial pressures below 85 with a low of 81. The write up also indicated that it consistent with pulmonary problems...among other things.

    I question why I wasn't prescribed 02 augmentation. Although CPAP has helped immeasurably, I still wake up a handful of times. Often my lips are numb or tingly and even my feet. When I return to the CPAP and attempt to sleep, I am out of breath to the point of heart thumping. This does not occur during my daytime activities. It's perhaps nothing, but...

    your thoughts would be appreciated.

    1. EODCMC


      As a follow up, I spoke to my sleep study coach today and explained what is occurring. She referred me back to my Tricare doctor. She said the P02 typically needs to be in the low 80's for her to be alarmed; however, based on my symptoms there could be a pulmonary issue. I hope not. I will call the Dr. tomorrow for follow up tests. 

    2. Gastone


      My non VA Sleep Neurologist, DX'd my need for supplemental 02 right away, within 2 weeks of my (3) night Sleep Study.

      Have you discussed your Low P02's with your VA Sleep Dr? I really think you should jump on this right away. Send a MHV Secure Message regarding your P02 concerns, to your Sleep Specialist, your PCP and the Respiratory Dept.

      Think Paper Trail!

      WTF is a Sleep Study Coach? Never had one myself. Is this an actual Sleep Neurologist MD/DO?

      Semper Fi

  6. Wanna know the definition of insanity?



  7. I think I've had Tinnitus all along and I only now started hearing it.

  8. This really is a great site and I appreciate all the help that I am receiving. I am; however, awash with the acronyms and abbreviations that accompany the responses, especially from the more knowledgeable pundits. Is there a quick guide available? I'm sure I can catch up over time, but I have a memory issue. 

    Can I claim acronymitis as a secondary? I need help ASAP.

    1. EODCMC
    2. EODCMC


      For those that find the link as helpful as I do...I converted it to PDF (attached).

      VA related acronyms and abbreviations.pdf

  9. Has everyone been getting this error when attempting to get a status on ebenefits:

    Unexpected Error

    We're sorry, but an unexpected error has occurred. Please return to the main site and try again.

    Customer Support Information:

    Error ID: 1466880761588
    Server ID: ManagedServer008

    Or is it only me? It's been one week now.

    1. EODCMC


      9 days and still getting error message when attempting to get a status.

    2. EODCMC


      Back up.

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