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  1. OK, I have submitted most of my SC afflictions and recently received my VA determination:

    Rated Disabilities at 80%

    • sleep apnea 50% Service Connected
    • lumbosacral strain with degenerative arthritis and vertebral fracture 20% Service Connected
    • right shoulder strain with glenohumeral joint osteoarthritis 20% Service Connected
    • left shoulder strain with AC joint osteoarthritis and calcific tendonitis residuals of arthroscopic or other shoulder surgery 20% Service Connected
    • rhinitis (claimed as sinusitis) 10% Service Connected
    • dermatitis 10% Service Connected
    • right hand 5th metacarpal bone fracture healed with residual deformity 0% Service Connected
    • scars (s/p basal cell carcinoma excisions, head injury, and abrasion of the left arm) 0% Service Connected
    • bilateral hearing loss Not Service Connected
    • tinnitus Not Service Connected
    • gastroenteritis Not Service Connected
    • headaches Not Service Connected
    • I am currently receiving SSDI

    I have issues concerning much of this, especially the ailments that were not rated as service connected. I plan to submit a number of NODs and perhaps a reconsideration. WWP is my VSO and have been very helpful; however, I am asking for your help also. Should I compartmentalize each grievance separately? The enormity of it could confusing. If so, how should I propose my info here? I requested my c-file more than a year ago. I think I'm getting close to receiving it because the est. date changed from 2018-2019 to a refined date of 22 Mar - 17 Jul of this year. I feel that I should have this. How do I know what information they used to determine my case?

    Thank you in advance for your help. 

    1. EODCMC


      Good news...I think. EB has moved my c-file request to Historical Claims:  

      07/12/2016 Freedom of Information Act / Privacy Act Request 05/16/2017
      • Attention: Development Letter SentDevelopment Letter Sent
      • Attention: Decision Notification SentDecision Notification Sent

      View Appeal Status


      I assume this means a disk is coming by mail.

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