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Common Veterans Affairs Disabilities: Tinnitus - Hearing loss - PTSD - Post-traumatic stress disorder - Lumbosacral or cervical strain - Scars - Limitation of flexion, knee - Diabetes mellitus - Paralysis of the sciatic nerve - Limitation of motion of the ankle - Degenerative arthritis of the spine - TBI - Traumatic Brain Injury

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  1. Having applied for benefits through this office multiple times since 1985, I have been denied benefits for "No Evidence Found". I find this very hard to believe since there are multiple entries in my medical records for each claim I have applied for. There are at least a dozen entries for back injuries, entries for head injuries that had a diagnosis of PTS, entries for knees and legs as well as a loss of hearing. To date, the raters have only approved a 10% for Tinnitus. Various doctors at the Medical Center have reviewed my records and my current health as part of the Comp and Benefits review. Each time, the doctor has found the entries, and determined that injuries were sustained during my service. However, the raters continue to deny with the "No Evidence Found" as the reason for denial. I wish that this office would actually ready the Vets records and acknowledge the info entered and make ratings appropriately.