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  1. Good afternoon, Ms. Berta, I wish I had you on my side! You are very knowledgeable. Do you think it would be helpful to get a letter from my VA podiatrist about my continuous treatment and future surgeries? I had multiple surgeries on my right foot in the Air Force, I was then medically discharged because of the issues with both feet. I just want the fair rating for my condition and I don't think 10% is it. Thank you.
  2. Hi Wjdenney, Thank you for the info! Would you recommend having people write letters on my behalf?
  3. Hello, I finally received my hearing date with the BVA in DC. I want to be as prepared as possible. I'm currently rated 10% (Total 50% for other issues) for my bilateral feet, calcaneal bursitis. I contacted the Maryland of Veteran Affairs representative that is going to meet me at the hearing, he stated that I do not need to bring anything and that he will brief me an hour before my hearing... I'm a planner and liked to be prepared for anything. I plan on getting a copy of all my related medical records from the VA and bring them with me. I've also been under the care of a VA podiatrist and plan on asking if he would feel comfortable writing a letter on my behalf. Is there anything that I should bring or be prepared for? How long after my hearing will a decision be made? I'm not sure if anyone would know, but I'm currently getting the 10% held back to pay back my compensation the Air Force gave me for my medical seperation. If they do grant me a higher rating, will they keep the whole thing or just the initial 10%? I appreciate any information or guidance. Thank you so much!
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