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  1. When I stated "appeal complete" that is what it said on eBenefits. Where as before it said something to the effect that the appeal was still in process, him and I had looked at it about two weeks before he passed away. He died of lung cancer, he had an appeal open for COPD due to exposure to asbestos and for an increase in his hearing loss.
  2. Thanks for getting back to me. I have filled out the paperwork for a transfer of claimant, and my mom is going to send it in. With the paperwork she has to include some copy of the letter regarding the executer or something of that nature. He was service connected at 40%, but i am not familiar with the term DIC. Thanks again, I feel like I am taking the correct steps but just looking for reassurance.
  3. Earlier this year my grandpa passed away. For the past few years I have been helping him work through some service connected disabilities with some success. Well he has had an open appeal for over 2 years. Being that 80+ year old men aren't that great on the computer, I helped him track and manage his benefits via eBenefits. As I was helping my mom go through all the forms to fill out for a flag, burial allowance, etc, I thought to check the status of the claim. Online it says that the claim has been completed, I assume he was denied because there was no rating change. The date of the appeal completion was the date he passed away. I just finished helping my mother fill out all the paperwork for his estate to claim whatever money was owed to him from the VA. Who should i contact? I am going to call the VA this evening to try to get an answer but it seems that they just wrote him off as soon as they found out he died?
  4. When I got to the Hospital I informed them was from out of town, 9 or 10 PM, and that I was a VA patient and presented my VA health care card. When I received my bill I was informed that the hospital had my insurance down as tricare (whole different insurance), how they got that I don't know as they made copies of my VA card. I probably screwed up by not contacting the VA myself after I was released, didn't spend the night and was released late that night. Contacting the VA was the last thought in my mind as I had to travel the following two days. It is not a giant bill but I don't feel like I should get stuck with it either. This is just a pain in the ass. So far I haven't been sent to collections as I contact the billing agency each time I get a bill (every 3-4 months) and they attempt to rectify the situation, I am just ready for an answer. In my home state WA I am covered under insurance from my wife's work as well but it does not offer coverage outside of the PNW. Thanks all for the help, now time to call some of these numbers....again
  5. I had an emergency room visit while on vacation last year and have been fighting with the hospital billing company to honor my VA health care for over a year. How do I go about getting me bill paid for by the VA. Every few months I get a bill from the hospital saying that they have not received any payment. I continue to call them and refer them to the VA but nothing seems to happen. First it may have been my fault as I go to the Portland, OR VA so I referred the bill to them, but was ;later informed that I needed to go through the San Francisco VA as that is the region where I received treatment. I am at a loss as to where to go from here. Any help would be great. Thanks.
  6. I have been trying to help my grandpa receive the benefits that he needs and deserves. He is currently rated at 20% for hearing loss and 10% for tinnitus. Last year we submitted paperwork to reevaluate his claim as his hearing has been deteriorating more and more. Even with the help of hearing aids he has trouble hearing, can't hear a car coming up behind him walking through a parking lot, can't hear people talking to him if he isn't facing them, etc. Anyway his rating was not increased, yet his hearing test showed further deterioration. We appealed the decision last October, and as of today on eBenefits it still shows that his NOD that the VA will soon be contacting him in the near future with no timeline. His VSO is the CA Dept of Veteran Affairs. They have no further information for him other than to continue to wait. I think that we should change his VSO, but not sure which organization to have represent him. He is located in Redding, CA. If anyone has any suggestions or help we would greatly appreciate it. When we filed his NOD he also submitted a NEXUS (I think that's the correct term) letter from his private hearing test.
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