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  1. So it still looks like the forms are still online, but VA has just made it harder to find them. Thanks for the great links provided here. I saved some to a file and added to the Files in the FB page I help moderate.
  2. I am currently able to get access to the DBQs as this site: http://www.taapmo.com/docs/hr/Disability Benefits Questionnaire1.pdfforms.pdf
  3. VA has removed all the DBQs from their website with this statement at the end of the page: "VBA has discontinued the use of public facing Disability Benefits Questionnaires (DBQs). Originally, public facing DBQs were designed to assist Veterans living overseas to obtain medical evidence in support of their benefit claims where limited options were available. Today, VA works with contracted providers in more than 30 foreign countries to conduct disability medical examinations." I monitor a Veteran's facebook page and often refer veterans to the DBQs for their conditions. In some cases,
  4. My skin disease covers very little of my body, but it is extremely painful if not kept under control. I take oral medication to suppress it. If you have eczema and you are taking immunosuppressants, then you should be rated at 60%. File for an increase. Sorry it has taken so long for me to respond. The hurricane damage to my house was much more extensive than we realized at first. It has taken us 8 months of hard work to get back to nearly normal.
  5. Hi Paulstrgn, No, my condition covers less than 5% of my body. The key is that the immunosuppressant has to be oral or injected, not a topical cream that you rub on your skin. It doesn't matter if it is controlling your condition, as long as you are on the oral/intravenous medication, you qualify for the 60% rating.
  6. Here are some of the curve balls VA threw at me when I did my CUE claim. This should have been simple. In 2009 I claimed "eczema" and I was on constant oral medications. VA service connected me for eczema, noted I was on daily medications, and then gave me a 0% rating. I did not have a VSO and I did not know my skin condition should have been rated the same as eczema, so I did not appeal. In 2002, Title 38 was changed so that anyone with a skin condition rated the same as eczema or dermatitis, would get rated on the area of coverage, or how often the veteran had to take "systemi
  7. For anyone following this - check me out under the "Success Stories"!!!
  8. Thanks everyone. I couldn't give up because I knew I was correct on this. However, VA put me through the ringer. I am so glad RAMP opened up and I was able to get this straightened out. Now it has been 6 weeks, and I am still waiting for the back pay. I am sure it will come - I got the letter that says what I was paid, and what was actually owed. A lot has happened since I made the announcement on Sep 13th. We got stuck in Canada when our truck broke down and had to wait for parts. While camping in the Nissan parking lot for two weeks, Hurricane Michael struck my home. Our h
  9. I just got a phone call from my VSO who said my RAMP decision letter will be mailed out today. I won an earlier effective date (CUE claim) for my skin condition! I was denied on the PN earlier effective date which I knew was a long shot. My skin condition was rated at 0 in May 2009 and I had an overall rating of 60. In Jun 2017, I was finally increased to 60 for my skin condition. If I had been rated correctly for my skin condition in 2009, my overall rating would have been 80. So the back pay will be the difference between 60 and 80 percent from May 2009 to June 2017 -- not bad. I can'
  10. My VSO didn't get back to me today, and I know he is off tomorrow, so being the impatient person I am, I just called VA myself. The person I talked to was very helpful. He said I did not need to file RAMP again; they would use the opt-in I already submitted. Also, my claim will skip the DRO and Statement of Case, and be sent straight to RAMP,--do not pass Go, do not collect 800+ days of waiting. He put a note in the system to make sure everything is laid out clearly for the RO. Hopefully, someone at the RO can read and my claim will soon be off to RAMP bliss. I went for H
  11. My appeal showed up in Vets.gov yesterday. The status is 13 to 30 months for DRO Review. However, when I filed NOD, I checked Traditional BVA on my NOD per my VSO's instructions (there is no block for RAMP right now) and attached the RAMP opt-in per instructions on the VA video. I hope it doesn't sit in someone's box actually waiting for DRO Review. I called my wonderful VSO this morning to ask if I need to resubmit RAMP since I got that denial letter earlier this week. He has to check on that. I am keeping records of all your advice because I hope to use it in my Form 9 when I
  12. This is a case that is similar to mine that was lost at BVA and went to CAVC. The CAVC sided with the veteran that his oral antifungal drug is a systemic medication, and then they remanded it. The court uses Mauerhan v. Principi to say any medication that affects the entire body is systemic. It is based on the 2002 change to the skin law. The meat of the decision is this: "Because "systemic therapy," which is the type of therapy that creates compensability, is connected to the phrase "corticosteroids or other immunosuppressive drugs" by "such as," those drug types do not constitut
  13. Are you talking about the RAMP letter that says I can't do RAMP right now? That letter was all wrong because St Pete hasn't even processed my appeal yet. From I'm learning, it could take them a year or longer to do the Statement of Case. So I have no BVA decision letter. There wasn't much at all to the last denial from St Pete for my skin condition because they completely ignored my request for an earlier effective date. It is like it never happened. They treated it like I was requesting an increase for a condition that is already at the max rating. I am attaching a copy of
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