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  1. I didn't request the c-file yet. Should I send my form 9 in though? I just got the statement of case. They say I filed my claim 5 years later than I thought I did. If that's true then I don't think I have a case. I'm pretty sure I'm right about when I filed my claim but not 100% since they have me feeling a little confused now.
  2. I read on multiple other threads at various forums people saying they were denied IU because they were going to college through Vocational Rehab or they said at a C&P exam that they might consider Voc Rehab.
  3. If you filed a NOD for an earlier effective date and the VA denies you do you think that could put you under the VA microscope more? I just wanted to see if I was entitled to an earlier effective date. Do you think I could get hassled more for asking and being denied? When I say hassled I was thinking they might try and start C&P exams earlier and look for reasons to reduce ratings.
  4. They claimed that not giving stressors was one reason. Also, they claim my case was filed years later than I thought. I was sure It was in 2002 when I filed, I don't think it would be worth going to the BVA. I threw away the denial letter so I don't have evidence. It was written on yellow paper. When the VA stop using yellow paper? I know now it's all written on white paper.
  5. I filed a NOD and they sent me back a statement of case saying that I filed my claim years later than I thought I did. I was sure I remembered filing the claim a lot earlier, but I threw away the letter. So now I can't prove my case.
  6. Thanks for the advice. I was enrolled in VA Healthcare recently even though I've almost been out of the military 20 years. I went to a private psychiatrist and saw a LCSW at the vet center. That's all the VA needed to approve my claim in regards to therapy. I don't think I'll be going to a VAMC. I have a private doctor I use. Hell I think Google has been better than any doctor I've ever seen.
  7. Thanks for sharing your story and for the advice. I believe you. Working with the VA feels like walking on egg shells. I don't want anything to do with the VA. Only reason I applied for my PTSD was because the VA denied my other claim for a rare disease that cost a lot of money to treat. I went a more holistic path in dealing with my PTSD. I spend 2-3 hrs a day doing stress relief exercises and have been for 7 years. I spent 10 years before then searching for help because the VA denied my claim and I wasn't eligible for VA Healthcare.
  8. I read that Berta said they tried to drop her husband's PTSD rating from 30% to 10% since he took a few classes in college. I've read what happens is a psychologist approves a PTSD vet to go to voc rehab. The voc rehab adviser sends that psychologist report to the VARO and the VARO can reduce the vets rating.
  9. I qualify for voc rehab right now because I was service connected a year ago, but if the VA approves my NOD for a 2001 EED then I don't qualify for voc rehab since it was over 12 years ago I would be considered SC. So I wonder if the VA is going to say "You were qualified for voc rehab but since we approved your EED you are now not qualified for voc rehab. Since you started the program you will have to drop out and repay any benefits used under voc rehab".
  10. If I enroll in vocational rehab and the VA grants and earlier effective date on my claim will I have to repay vocational rehab benefits since the earlier effective date was 15 years ago? Vocational rehab only allows enrollment for veterans 12 years from separation or the effective date of a disability award.
  11. I was just wondering if I was ever to try and get TDIU for PTSD if the VA is going to send me a letter saying they appointed a fiduciary and I can't choose to fight it? Are they still doing that to veterans?
  12. I think this could be rated analgously as being similar to meniere's disease.
  13. I don't know if I have a docket number. I know ebenefits was updated and says "intake processing" at the "board". Should my VSO know my docket number?
  14. I have a rare disease in both ears. It's called "Patulous Eustachian Tubes". My disease started in service and I have a nexus letter. I'm wondering how the VA could rate it since it causes multiple problems to my entire body. When the Eustachian tube opens my voice echos very loudly in my head (autophony). It makes it hard for me to breath normally. I get dizzy and disoriented feeling because I can't get enough oxygen in my body(asthma? Balance disorder?). I taught myself to only breath through my mouth since breathing through my nose makes it worse. I can easily lose my voice (aphonia) because of this. I get chronic fatigue because of the stress. It completely destroyed my ability to have relationships and work because I have to constantly lay down for 15 minutes every few hours just to temporarily fix it. How would the VA rate this disease since it's rare and not even listed in the ratings?
  15. My Vet Center therapist had me sign a records release forms for my claim. She said the VA isn't authorized to look at your records without your consent.