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  1. You're not less of a man for having PTSD. You're more of a man for admitting your problems and facing them. No one else has walked in your shoes. No reason to feel guilt anymore Buck. Forget everyone else's opinions. You have no need for their approval.
  2. My provider's name appears on the front of the letter where it can be seen by anyone. Isn't this a breach of veteran's privacy?
  3. Can MDMA "cure" PTSD? https://www.independent.co.uk/news/health/mdma-ecstasy-mdma-post-traumatic-stress-disorder-veterans-a8332561.html https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16499508
  4. The BVA said my medical record where it states I had a disability wasn't taken into account during my initial C&P exam. Then it says the BVA needs another C&P exam that takes that medical record into account and needs to know if it was more likely than not my disability was made worse or happened in service. How long you think it'll take for the local VA to set up the exam and do you think they'll set me up for C&P exams for things not requested by the BVA?
  5. I just got a remand on my appeal for a bad C&P exam. They said the examiner didn't review my service records. Does this mean the VA is going to reschedule me for a C&P exam and how long do you think this may take them? Also, do you think the VA will be trying to do C&P exam for other disabilities that have nothing to do with my appeal?
  6. I think they denied me because I don't have a voc rehab letter saying I'm unemployable. I was working as a security guard where all I had to do was sitting, walking a little, opening and closing doors for contractors doing construction. I figure their can't be a more simple job that that, but I had to quit because of the work environment. I don't want to try voc rehab because I don't see the point in it. I'm not wanting to go back to college and couldn't handle it and I'm unable to do physical labor or simply standing too long or sitting up too long. They gave me 60 days to appeal to the ALJ, but I'm not sure if I want to continue this. What should I do?
  7. True. I've been seeing attacks on vets with PTSD coming from retired vets too.
  8. This sounds good. I think I'll win because I didn't have sinusitis before entering the service. The doctor saw my treatment record when I self reported sinusitis and was given medication for allergies/sinus problems. I had more than one record where I wrote down I was taking medication for allergies/sinus problems. Before I ever filed the claim I did my homework and made sure I got all the things I needed for the claim. That's why I didn't understand how they could deny me. The doctor at the C&P exam said it was more likely than not my sinusitis was caused during basic training. I read his C&P exam.
  9. I have treatment records saying that I self reported having sinusitis and they gave me medication for allergies.
  10. I looked at my C-File and the reason they denied my sinusitis was that they said I had no treatment for it in my medical records. In one of my medical records it shows that I told my doctor I had sinusitis. The doctor didn't treat me for it after I told him about it. So the VA says because the doctor didn't treat me for sinusitis that it doesn't matter if I mentioned I had it. At my C&P exam the doctor said it was more likely than not that my sinusitis was caused during basic training. The C&P doctor said also that I had allergic rhinitis. On my last claim I applied for rhinitis and they denied that too. The C&P doctor years before then said that my rhinitis was more likely than not caused during my service too. It's been 5 years so far waiting for my BVA appeal. When I wrote the letter I said "How's it my fault that the doctor failed to treat me for sinusitis when I reported it"? Do you think I'll be giving this sinusitis disability rating or not?
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