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  1. Thanks, I was already SC'd for PTSD during my last C&P exam by a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist is a veteran and has PTSD too.
  2. It's hurt my trust in the Vet Center. I thought you could open up more there without it coming back to haunt you, apparently not. I need those treatment notes for my next C&P whenever that may be. I now know that I can't stray from the topic of my PTSD because the therapist can use anything I say against me. From now on all I'm talking about is PTSD symptoms and nothing more.
  3. The therapist said it's not their place to be judgemental and they can't diagnose. Yet in the treatment notes the therapist said it's in my "nature" to a have a certain emotion. Isn't that a slick way of not diagnosing but implying that it's my "personality". No, the emotion started after my PTSD got worse, it's not "natural" to me. Then the therapist claimed I didn't need any more coping techniques when I was never asked what my coping techniques are. I'm highly rated for PTSD. The way I see it the therapist was judgemental and indirectly trying to pin me with a personality disorder. The VA doesn't have access to those notes. I'll fix my situation by getting a new therapist.
  4. Thanks, that's what I suspect is going on. It seems the therapist is trying to create a long list of making it look like I'm getting better and better when nothing has changed. Thankfully the VAMC doesn't have access to those notes. I'll change therapist.
  5. I'm SC'd for PTSD. The Vet Center doesn't share information with the VAMC unless I authorize it. It doesn't hurt as long as I keep those notes private. It seems deliberate when a therapist makes something up about my childhood when my childhood was never discussed.
  6. It's a counselor with less than a PH.D. Yes, the counselor wrote that I had problems my entire life establishing relationships. That's not true and I can easily prove it. It's annoying because it invalidates that my problems with relationships started because of PTSD.
  7. The therapist claimed I had problems establishing relationships my entire life when we never discussed anything about my life before I joined the military.
  8. I currently just take breaks without telling my employer about it. If they found out I would be fired because my breaks aren't a "reasonable accommodation". If I did get caught and fired without telling my employer about my disability then am I causing myself trouble if I can't work anymore because of my service connected disabilities? Because the form is going to ask my employer how my disabilities interfered with my employment. Does the VA expect veterans to tell employers about their disabilities?
  9. If I do I'll get the doctors note saying I can't work and the VOC Rehab letter.
  10. My VSO sent me the letter earlier this year.
  11. I'll do my best to stay employed.
  12. I never got an award letter in the mail. I didn't get a c&p exam copy.