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  1. Buck52 thanks for the info, I saw the pay chart that is current for time being for compensation. For what's allowed to me as a single vet no kids or spouse it is 836.13. My question was just if I was gonna be paid again in Aug. but thanks for the information. My claim is under review again for adding compensation and should be decided by the the nd of the year. Just wanted to make sure I didn't over spend just in case you know. But yeah, my letter said I awarded that much and so does my ebenefits account. Glad I had my paperwork and files and everything sorted and documented. Made everything go smooth with no hitch. Thanks again for the help boss.
  2. So just a general question that I have not actually had a firm answer on. I was given a letter stating my award for 50% disability from the VA. They are reviewing new claim items for a new rating but here is the question. I received my retroactive pay of 836.13$ on July 15. Now, is that the start of my monthly payments or single payment for the time being. My claim filed May 3, and if it's back pay then that's for June from what I understand. So again, with he retroactive pay, will I get paid again starting Aug 1?
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