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  1. Just providing an update: I got BBE which stated PTSD increase and IU request rolled up into my current appeal regarding those issues, awarded IBS (secondary to PTSD) at 30%, lumbar strain deferred, current total rating up from 80 to 90%. Ebennies stayed in GOE until this week, status changed from GOE to PDA back to PFD within a couple days this week. So woohoo, it’s the end of the month and we’re moving again. Ebennies updates: Now I’m back to Prep for Decision from Pending Decision Approval on ebennies, I know common. I’m ok with making sure the ducks are in a row, and a few days of bac
  2. Congrats! There is a light! If you have student loans don’t forget about debt forgiveness, and also the benefits for your dependents can be valuable. Also don’t forget about going after retroactive payments for property taxes in some states and student loan payments made, as well as the related benefits for your family. Hopefully you can focus on your health and well-being now!
  3. @Buck52 @Gastone thank you for the advice and wisdom. I unfortunately recently realized I will probably be dealing with the VA for life, and I too wish I had known what I know now when I thought I knew. Trying to start being proactive about my claim and take the advice and suggestions here, and it’s been working. At least to help relieve the anxiety. If my claim ends up favorable I’ll have to find another hobby other than checking ebenefits (and hunting misplaced things).
  4. Hello and TYIA for any responses and for reading my long post. BLUF: I would appreciate some insight or just plain ol speculatin on why the VA raters would submit me for a lumbar strain increase (that I didn’t submit for) while working on my current claim? Also, are secondary conditions disqualified in the 60% calculation for SMC Housebound? I know it says the 60% must be separate from the 100% condition, but how does this work if I’m on IU, with secondary conditions? I’m probably overthinking at 4am but why would they submit me for an increase for a condition when I didn’t ask them
  5. Well, I just read these replies after a year and how eerie and foreshadowing. I very much appreciate the suggestions and advice. I did do my homework prior to treatment, deep into the depths of Google past page 3, beyond industry propaganda, where it is now being touted as a miracle treatment safe enough to administer to pregnant women and all efforts are made to avoid the words “shock therapy” so as not to scare away potential patients. Patient or victim reviews were both positive and negative, but my condition got so bad that “they” including my family all thought it was best, all things con
  6. @Gastone that's what I'd like to do...talk to other vets who had it done at the VA. When I had an impatient stay there was another patient that mentioned having it done, but she didn't seem to be in any better shape than me so I'm not sure how great it worked.
  7. So I waited the 7-10 days to call Peggy bc I still haven't received my BBE for my case that completed and closed Jan 4. The surprising thing was they were willing to fax it to me, I have an online fax number so it just goes to my account and I download it. That was a pleasant surprise, since I've read about folks waiting for months. The bad news was that they denied TDIU and my dependency claim. They stated that I didn't complete the application for dependents so it was denied until I provide all of the information (nice to find out 6 months later). Thing is, I completed it online and fil
  8. @Gastone ECT is electroconvulsive therapy, I guess better known as electro shock treatment. I think the consult is to see if I'm a good candidate, not sure what makes me a good candidate but I'd like to not be one.
  9. My VA shrink put me in for a consult for ECT. I'm pretty stressed about it and terrified. I've done the googling about it and saw that all the professional orgs say it's improved, safe, and successful...but there's always the horror stories. Also I read it's not permanent. I was wondering if any of you have experienced ECT administered by the VA? I go next week to the consult, if I don't reschedule it again. I'm torn between desperate to feel my normal self and terrified to lose something I didn't sign up for (ECT is known to cause memory loss, supposedly it comes back). I'm guessing they will
  10. Update: My claim status went to prep for notification on Friday, Dec 30 and this morning it disappeared and moved to historical claims as completed. Nothing has changed, disabilities and AB8 letter are still exactly the same. I would assume this means my claim for TDIU was denied, however I also had a dependent claim added in which also closed at the same time (opened as a separate claim when my daughters started college, but the system automatically rolled it into my then open claim)...I would think that at least there would be the addition of my dependents, which should be more administrativ
  11. My VA doc puts my GAF in his notes, we never discuss it, but it shows up in my blue button records download.
  12. Update: my status changed back to pending decision approval yesterday, so it looks like they're working during the holidays. The estimated completion date is now Jan 3-9. I can only hope all the back and forth is to make sure the i's are dotted for an approval rather than correcting typos for a denial. I guess I feel a denial coming.
  13. @smoothc100 Hi, no I don't work for the federal government, but yes my LTD company made me file for SSDI which I'm in the reconsideration phase now since I was denied the first round. From what I understand about the approval statistics, I expect to be denied again and take it to appeal board.
  14. Thanks for the supportive comments and advice @Berta @Buck52 and @broncovet, you guys really help keep me grounded. I hope everyone is having a happy holiday. On Friday my claim moved from Pending Decision Approval back to Prep for Decision with estimated completion moved out to Feb-Mar, so I suppose I got what I asked for.
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