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  1. Thank you for actually answering my question without ripping into my post. It didn't occur to me that these could be filed as secondary conditions. again thanks!
  2. Maybe I wasn't clear. I have not seen a civilian doctor for this since leaving the service. My military medical records clearly show the indecent in service and the injuries sustained. My hip and knees began to get worse over the years so I filed. I had no current diagnosis at the time of the C&P unless the diagnosis from 17 years ago is considered current lol. Havent been to a doctor since getting out. I am just wondering if I should worry about the diagnosis of a "strain" as it seems to me a strain would heal over a few weeks months. This has been going on for years. I have never been diagnosis with a strain so it must have come from the C&P examiner. As I said before once I got into the system my va doctor gave a diagnosis of hip impingement and arthritis. I guess my real question is, should I file for hip impingment and arthritis or let it stay as is? It looks like the % will not change either way.
  3. So last year I was service connected for several conditions. 40% overall. When I had My C&P i had never seen a doctor for these conditions and had no current diagnosis. Here is what I was awarded: right knee strain with shin splints and tibia fracture 10% Service Connected right hip strain 0% Service Connected right hip strain limitation of flexion 10% Service Connected right hip strain limitation of the thigh 0% Service Connected tinnitus 10% Service Connected right ear hearing loss Not Service Connected left knee strain with shin splints 10% Service Connected left ear hearing loss 0% Service Connected Later I was able to see a va doctor and was diagnosed with a right hip impingement and arthritis in both knees. My question is this. Should I worry about the service connection showing a "strain" instead of what I was later diagnosed with. A strain seems "not permanent" to me even tho I have suffered with it over 20 years. How would you handle this? Also just diagnosed with sleep apnea and given a cpap by the va. Still trying to decide if its worth pursuing. Thanks for any input.
  4. Lastingeffects

    Pes Planus at MEPS

    Yes I have copies of my SMR's. Like I said it is something I have just put up with through the years. Until the last few months I have never been to the doctor about this. I have a diagnosis of arthritis with crepitus (sp?) in both knees and arthritis in the right hip. My lower legs and ankles have hurt since 1989. It feels to me like perpetual shin splints or maybe it never healed properly. My doctor told me this could absolutely be related to my military service. I am pursuing this but was just curious how the VA will look at it with no other doctors visits since 89.
  5. Lastingeffects

    Pes Planus at MEPS

    Mike thanks for the reply. This is all very new to me. I honestly had no idea I could file for any of this until a few weeks ago. As I said before I have not seen a doctor about my legs since 89. Is it possible to see a va doctor without being in the system?
  6. Question. It was noted in my medical records from MEPS that I had asymptomatic pes planus. At the time I had no idea what that was. In basic I suffered from shin splint and bilateral shin fractures and was sent home on convalescent leave for 6 weeks also pulled thigh muscle during that time. This happened in 1989. My legs have bothered me ever since but I have never been to the doctor about it. Managed to serve twelve years regardless. Now I have arthritis in both knees and my right hip is giving me problems. My wife, a nurse happens to think it was caused by my flat feet. Would this be worth pursuing? Could it be possible to get the flat feet service connected even tho it was noted as preexisting? Anyone have something similar happen? Thanks for your input.

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