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  1. Syne7, I filed a claim back in 2009 once I retired, they denied me. My discharge physical report claimed it wasn't severe. I didn't appeal or anything. Once I retied I went to the Va. hospital on several occasions for my feet got insoles made and had everything documented in my records. I just submitted another claim for plantar fasciitis, and it too was denied, but this time I have more documentation, and I going to a private podiatrist and I'm going to file a NOD
  2. Berta, I didn't have a C& P exam. They claimed they reviewed all the information I sent them. I have attached them to this message. I sent them my SMR's, My Health Net records from the VA hospital and my records from my private doctor. I'm going to be submitting a CUE claim and I'm going to do a NOD for my hypertension claim. Evidence.pdf
  3. Andyman73, The examiner at my discharge physical didn't write me a good report. I'm currently working on a CUE claim for what I was denied for and I'm going to find me a private podiatrist to go see. This time I'm going to make sure I have a NEXUS and get everything documented.
  4. Broncovet, I'm going to start with a NOD, since I just got denial for plantar faciitis and a couple of other things. Thanks for the info, I see that this could take a while to get the results I want.
  5. Berta, The evidences comes straight from my SMR's and it's documented that I have been issued foot inserts had therapy on several occasions. I have also been to the VA hospital after retired and I received the same diagnosis.
  6. Berta, I have attached the VA reasoning and what I submitted for the claim. What should my next move be? VA CLAIM.pdf Anxiety Depression.pdf Hypertenison.pdf Plantar Fasciitis_2016071409461600.pdf VA CLAIM.pdf
  7. broncovet, hamslice, What exactly did you do or submit to the VA to get your 10% for plantar facitiis? I have tried to claim it twice, it's documented in my SMRs, and my healthnet and I have had several visits to the VA hospital for it but I'm still getting denied.
  8. Berta, I have a copy of my SMRs and I went through them and sent the VA all the information pertaining to the conditions I was claiming. I have picked up on a lot of things that I wasn't aware of when it comes to filing a claim. I'm going to see if I can get a nexus letter for my conditions and I will be posting my decision from the VA once I get it.
  9. Berta, You are correct I didn't have a nexus letter. I had no ideal that it was needed, after researching it I can see how much weight the nexus letter carries. I haven't received my formal denial letter yet, it's coming this week I just saw the results on Ebenefits. Once I get the letter I will scan it along with my evidences and post it. I didn't have a C & P exam. Thanks for the information.
  10. The VA gave me 60% disability back in 2009 for sleep apnea and pseudofolliculitis barbae. I also submitted a claim for plantar fasciitis which is documented in my medical records but they denied it. I recently submitted another claim for plantar fasciitis again, hypertension (which is documented in my medical record along with my medication. The Va hospital diagnosed me with anxiety and depression I attended the mandatory classes, but the results came back as not being service connected, and I'm really confused and disgusted on their decisions on everything. They did give me a 0% rating se
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