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  1. Just an update: I went to the DAV this morning & they looked up my file electronically. However, they could NOT find anything in my file relating to the alleged debt. However, they confirmed that the VA has already garnished my wages before they even sent out the letter, lol. They gave me some contact information (which I already knew about from reading posts on here) to resolve this. I'll keep an update on here for anyone that might possibly be going through this in the future.
  2. Oh, okay. Either way, the VSO should be able to view the letter on Monday. Thanks.
  3. Did I write something that sounded harsh? If so, I didn't mean for anything to come across that way. I was just verifying the info seeing if you could figure out what it might be.
  4. I believe the lady at the VA Debt Center said that it can take around 4 months to fix if the Disability Dept had made an error. Does that sound correct? I can live with 4 months, but I would like it resolved sooner. Also, if the VA has erred does that mean that I ask for a hearing or ???...this just isn't my area of expertise.
  5. Yes, I read that it says "Compensation & Pension". The lady at the VA debt center read through the letter (the letter I never received) & said it's NOT for "Drill Pay", "Education" or something else that I can't remember what she said. By the way, I have never been married or have any kids. So, that should rule out the dependent thing. And I make less than $15,000/year. I'll be going to my VSO on Monday since I believe they have electronic access to the letter. However I've never received $11k in Compensation. The number is more like a few thousand in disability pay when I added up everything. The only time I've been hospitalized was when they baker-acted me a few years ago & for a few different VA ER visits this year. But I never received any bills other than for my prescriptions.
  6. I need help on what to search for on this forum because I just got thrown a loop. I had recently completed my 3rd disability claim (I now have a total of 30% disability) & everything seemed fine. However, it's been "complete" on Ebenefits for 3 weeks & I was still awaiting a written notification & my backpay...however, I called the 1-800# twice & the reps kept claiming that everything should be fine. However, today I just got a letter in the mail saying "the VA recently sent you a letter explaining that you were overpaid $11,000"...first off, I never received a letter saying anything about that (that's not too surprising though). Second, I have no idea of where to even start with this. My questions: 1) What do I search for in the forums? I don't even know which words to use for the search engine. 2) How long does this usually take to get resolved. 3) Can I still move forward with my next disability claim while I am working this out? Update: I just talked to the VA Debt Center & the lady told me that they can supply a copy of the letter that was supposedly sent to me on Sept. 6...the lady said the letter is several pages thick, but she tried to search for a specific reason & couldn't find any.
  7. Thanks for clarifying. And it wouldn't be the only thing that a VSO believes is true, but isn't...sadly, I ended up helping a local DAV rep with getting their own personal claim moving; the rep had been "helping" other veterans with their claims for year, yet didn't even know how to "unstuck" their own claim. Yikes!
  8. I don't know how the ANG works, but I was on active-duty & this is how it went for me. When I was out-processing the active-duty, they sent me in for the outprocessing medical exam. The doctor asked me if there was any medical/mental problems that began while I was in the military. So, I mentioned to him a bunch of different things. The military rated me at 0% service-connected for those disabilities (by the way, even 0% is a good rating as long as it carries "service connection" next to it, since this tells the VA that it was already decided that you got this issue from your time in the military). Anyhow, I never sought treatment for any of those disabilities until 9 years later when the issues started to give me problems. So, I went to the VA & I filed an increase for the problems. Within 3 months, I had an increase for 1 disability. So, I put in for an increase for another of the disabilities & got an increase within another 3 months. It was really simple as long as you tell a doctor about your problems before your last day in the military...actually, I believe you have a full-year AFTER you get out to tell a doctor & they will still consider your disability to be "service-connected". Don't fret about the treatment or the fact that you were scared of retaliation. Focus more on getting diagnosed first for all your problems. This is just my advice, but I would get a military psychiatrist (MD) to officially diagnose me with all the issues since this will help you out tremendously when you get to the VA...and at the VA, all you will have to do is file for an increase which is much easier than trying to prove the "service-connnection"
  9. For the record, I never emailed a VSO & I've won 3 claims easily just by reading through Hadit. I only have 2 reasons for going to the DAV to begin with: 1) They have access to the claims decision information before Peggy. 2) The chick at the DAV has some nice breasts to look at. ....really what's the big deal if the VSO's work with the VA, Devil, KGB or whoever?
  10. The rater is the person that decides the rating based on the VA regulations. It's not based on a rep's belief. Also, I believe I read from moderators on this forum that VA hearing loss is difficult to get unless you are almost deaf. I'm mentioning this because it sounds like you are saying something contrary.
  11. Wait. I remember someone on here said that if you file 2 claims at once, then it slows it down because your file gets pulled off of 1 rater's desk & then has to go to another rater's desk & they end up playing tug-of-war with your claim. Can someone verify which is the correct situation, since I have 3 more claims that I want to put in but I thought that it's better to wait.
  12. I think the quickness of the claims processing has more to do with the VA locations than actual workload. I've had 2 new claims & 1 "increase" claim. They all took the same amount of time, which is a little under 3 months. BTW, my claims were done in Florida. Maybe the backlog isn't as bad. Although my last 2 C&P's were done on Saturdays.
  13. I had a C&P on a Saturday & by Monday it was already in my medical records on myhealthvet. BTW, when your rating decision is made, the DAV (and possibly others) can actually access the info before Peggy.
  14. You can't simply "pull internet search history". And I'm sure they shared with her information about an ongoing Federal investigation. Sorry to point this out, but you married the her & continue to talk to this nutjob after your divorce, so its kind of making me questioning if you're alright too.
  15. Relax. A licensed therapist is telling you to pursue a claim for mental health & you are stating that you "have gotten somewhat better". That sentence alone shows that you are suffering delusions & don't even know it. You need to do 2 things: 1) Google "psychosis" & "delusions". Look up examples of them (you might want to look into specific topics such as Grandiose Delusions) & you'll probably notice that you display a lot of those things in your life. If you have PTSD, then trust me, you'll find that you fit into certain examples completely. 2) Tell your VA psychiatrist or therapist (not just the VET Center therapist) that you now understand that you were being delusional when you said that. Be completely honest with them. And tell them any other episodes in the past 6 months were you made decisions such as that & later regretted it (they need to see that you are consistently suffering from it). They will know how to handle everything & they should write down the situation in your medical records (for instance: "veteran realizes that he has been in denial of the severity of his mental condition & expresses concerns that he is suffering from delusions/psychosis")....as long as you are being truthful & as long as they write it down in your notes, then nobody is going to hold it against you for displaying symptoms of psychosis. If your claim is already being processed, then you might need a way to get this information to them. However, its better to have it in your medical records in case you want to appeal or increase later on.
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