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  1. Hello all, Q: Is there somewhere besides the JSRRC that would keep Marine Corps helicopter accident records. I was diagnosed (by the VA) with PTSD related to a helicopter accident that I was in in the late 80's. I prepared and submitted a PTSD claim that includes details of the accident as well as a buddy statement from someone involved in the investigation of the accident. In my claim I requested assistance from the VA in checking the JSRRC for the related records to prove the accident and my involvement as I did not have the date of the incident. I requested that the VA (and JSRRC) look in 60 day increments during the 1986-1987 years. They denied my claim because they stated they could not locate the incident. Thanks for any and all assistance. Mike
  2. Rocket. I'm in the same situation. I have a letter from my doctor of 20 years. You'll want your doctor to state their experience and that they have reviewed your C-file. The doctor has to use the words "as likely as not" to describe a link between the sleep apnea being related to the PTSD. The doctor also has to explain why they believe that. They can mention training, cite medical journals, and scientific papers, etc. I'm about to send my disability papers in and I'm not sure if I should send in my doctor's letter at the beginning or wait for the appeal.

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