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  1. I'm beginning a couple of new claims and wanted the general opinion from the group. If I have access to private medical care and documentation for a claim, would it be best to do that instead of risking some bad documentation coming from a VA doc. My concern is what I'm working on may get a little expensive when you start adding multiple specialists/tests/imaging. Am I safer having full control over what documents the VA sees vs. going through the VA and having everything covered?
  2. The va has me rated for psoriatic arthritis of the back (I filed for lower back/ sacroiliac). I have 1 rheumatologist mention sacroilitis, but is the way the va rated going to cause an issue since technically sacriolitis is caused by the arthritis (or at least a manifestation of) which then causes Radiculopathy.
  3. I have documentation of sciatic pain from arthritis ( it’s not true sciatica because it originates in the sacroiliac joint not the lumbar vertabrae, but it presents the exact same way) , need the doc to clarify the diagnosis before I submit. I have only had xrays, no mri. I told the c&p doc about it during my back exam, but I don’t think she acknowledged what I said.
  4. While I wait for an appeal on some other matters I am starting a bilateral sciatica claim secondary to arthritis in the lower back (just got service connected for the back). I have to get some documentation together, but I am wondering what to expect in a c&p for sciatica. It is pretty unpredictable when the worst of it will happen so I’m not sure how the exam will go, or what the doc will look for.
  5. I’m looking for a veteran friendly rhuematologist in Maryland/Delaware/ southeast pa. I need a better imo and my doc won’t rewrite the subpar one he wrote for me. Any suggestions
  6. I don’t have to c&p’s yet. I requested them and according to the va they should be on the way can you point me to the format for the letter. It was like pulling teeth to get that one (which was a format DAV gave me). I tired to get him to give a better rationale it’s supporting literature but he acted like I was trying to pull a scam asking him to rewrite. He just couldn’t wrap his head around the whole va process and requirements.
  7. finally got a copy of my decision scanned and I apologize, its a pretty long one. There are a few items I noticed that are troubling. 1. In the decision on pages 1 and 2, my hip is granted for adduction 10%, flexion 0%, and extension 0%,. However on page the list and addition rating for rotation at 10% which is not included in page 1 and 2. My ebenefits disability list does not include this either. 2. My left and right shoulders and left ankle were diagnosed with a chronic strain by the c&p doc. What grounds does she have to outweigh my docs diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis,
  8. Still working on getting my decision scanned. As part of my rebuttal in the appeal I was considering submitting the QTC questionnaires that I provided the examiner (she stated that I did not report flare ups) even though I did in their questionnaire. These are not signed with the date, but the file has not been altered since it was created the day before the day of my exam and you can creation date, is this valid information at all?
  9. Anyone, know if I should complain about the bad c&P now? I sent in my appeal paperwork last week, don't know if I should just wait until I get my hearing.
  10. It sound a like DAV gave me bad advice. Should I start fighting the bad c&p now or wait to do it when it’s my turn at the board?
  11. would calling the white house hotline be a lost cause at this point? The VA already issued a decision. I will post a copy of the decision as soon as I can
  12. The letter and medical record from my doctor were on the list of evidence used. as far as the exam, I contacted DAV as soon as I left and they advised to just let the VA make a decision, there wasn’t anything I could do about it. I didn’t contact anyone and I assume it’s far to late now
  13. After multiple discussions with the DAV I have decided to file for an appeal to the BVA with a hearing. Has anyone had experience on what the wait time for a hearing is with the new Modernization Act. I know the legacy ones could take many years. Just curiosity. As I gather more evidence for my appeal, would it be advisable to try to get a VA doctor to weigh in for my favor. I usually use private doctors, but I am nervous to go to the VA because any potentially negative information is then available to the VA. I've had enough bad C&P exams to know that the VA doesn't always bel
  14. I am 100% sure the diagnosis is in there from my doctor. DAV double checked It was in my file and said it was listed on evidence used. I don’t know what additional evidence I could give. Edit: After another conversation with DAV, I've decided to just go ahead and appeal to the board. According to DAV even if I have the diagnosis in my file from my doctor the VARO is just going to say its older than my C&P exam. Its wasting time that I could be in line for the board. The last question is whether to ask for a hearing or just a review.
  15. This might get a little long winded but please stick with me. I just had my supplemental claim for arthritis closed. I was awarded 2 out of about 15 affected joints, and suprise, suprise it seems that the reason the others were denied was because of the C&P examiner not doing a thorough exam and incorrect reporting on the paperwork. The reason for denial on all of them was no diagnosis. Now the problem with this was that she was provided with a letter and medical records from my rhuematologist (an M.D.) stating specifically which joints are diagnosed and affected, and the letter is fr
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