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  1. Now I'm trying figure out if the problem has been fixed and the VSR just hasn't gotten back to my file. The people at the call center are pretty much guessing and I've heard about 10 different versions of whats going on. For some background, they requested a medical opinion, received it, reviewed it, it went to decision (so I was told, never saw for myself). Now comes the IT error, they were trying to either create a new request for exam, or close the old one (the old one still shows as processing on va.gov). The part I can't verify is if its an in person exam or not. The computer hasn't allowed them to finish the request. One person mentioned that it may be an administrative request, possibly for internal use. Does anyone know if thats even a thing?
  2. Not sure if I'm making to big of a deal of of this, but I have been consistently following that status of my claim and for at least the past 2-3 months there has been an IT issues preventing the VSR from moving forward with my claim. The IT department has been made aware of the problem, but nothing has been done. I've been informed that the VSR has been checking the file on the suspense date. Emails have been sent to the regional office to remind them of the issues, but no results yet. Is there anything I can do to push this issue, or am I completely at the mercy of the VA? Also I get a variety of answers on what the issue is, whether they are trying to close an exam, or create a new one. No one seems to actually know what is going on.
  3. Another follow up. Someone finally gave me the answer that it was not an I.T. issue with the contractor. It had to do with the exam request software giving them an error, and it has yet to be fixed for about 3 months now. The thing no one can tell me for sure is whether they were trying to schedule more exams or move forward with the exam they already have. Frustrating.
  4. Thanks for the input. I was mostly curious to know if the VA will go straight to medical opinion if they feel an in person c&p wont be needed. Why spend time on that when they could send me to an exam and get it all knocked out at once, at least thats my thought. My doc did not review my c-file, but he has been treating the condition for at least a couple years now. I thought maybe the medical opinion was for someone to review the c-file and add to what the dbq was missing. Thoughts?
  5. Just looking for some opinions and input on how my claim sounds like its going to anyone else. I filed my claim for arthritis with a dbq. Shortly after that it was sent out for a medical opinion, which was completed by a contract doc within days. It then sat for 2 months while they worked out some "i.t." issue. It has gone back to the same doc for clarification, however, I don't know what particularly for. I still haven't been requested to go to an in person exam, and the va says they don't see any requests for new exams. In the meantime my estimated completion date went from April 17th to March 29th then to July 1st (I know va.gov or ebenefits is worth much). Wondering if anyone wants to speculate whether things seem to be looking good for me, or starting to turn down hill. Also, does anybody know if the completion date is computer generated or manually?
  6. Ebenefits came up today saying documents were overdue. My c&p is still processing. I’m guessing the vsr is just running behind.
  7. I spoke to a VA rep (I think I might have actually spoke to a rater). They said the request was to review my electronic file in reference to severity under the ACE program. Wondering if this sound like a good thing for me or not. I have been treated by a private doc for this condition the entire time i've had it, so there won't be much info in that file, besides the link for service connection because its a secondary.
  8. Just an update. VES completed the record review c&p and the VA received it back. No further word yet though. According to ebennies and the 1-800 # no request for outside documents or records has been made.
  9. hamslice, were you awarded 10% for each joint claimed or overall? It they give me 10% on each joint that would get me to that magical 100%. I would probably still pursue an increase later just to have the increased issues on the record. Just for a little clarification I am not saying that my private doc did an inadequate exam by not completeing all the paperwork. I’m saying the va didn’t by only using partial information since they have no input for ROM.
  10. Maybe I don’t understand but I’m not refuting evidences but the fact that the evidence is incomplete because they didn’t perform a full c&p Maybe I don’t understand but I’m not refuting evidences but the fact that the evidence is incomplete because they didn’t perform a full c&p
  11. So saying he did not complete all the facets of the c&p exam is not enough. In this case arthritis is rated an active process, which has its own rating criteria and requires incapacitating episodes. This case is not me. Stated so in my private doc dbq. The other rating criteria is residuals. Such as limited ranges of motion. If he doesn’t cover everything can it be disputed that way?
  12. So I’m guessing in the end of the never seem and don’t get the rating I think I should I can file NOD and say insufficient c&p?
  13. The one I have is for a pending claim. The contractor doing the exam said the don’t have a request from the va for an in person. So I’m hoping there is enough detail in the dbq to give me a fair rating, and this is just because my doc didn’t review my va file. Or they will be requesting an in person after more info, or I’m just screwed.
  14. I don’t have an exam on file with the va for this condition. It’s a new secondary condition. I did submit a dbq from a private doc though, still no rom though. I believe I have all of the Caluza elements. 1. The dbq shows diagnosis 2. The doc said “more likely than not” it was caused by to an already service connected condition.
  15. I actually asked this question in another topic but wanted to bring this particular question up independently. So I talked to VES today and they said it was a medical record review only C&P. I’m not sure whether that is good or bad. My private doctor mentioned painful movement but he did not do a range of motion test. I really hope they give me at least a minimum on each joint if that that is the case. Otherwise they are not doing their part to determine severity, am I correct in that?
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