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  1. Has anyone attempted to submit a claim for hearing loss based on jp8 exposure?
  2. The exam was listed in evidence but the “favorable portion” was not mentioned in reasons and based.
  3. Everything is listed in the evidence section. Just not favorable findings. They basically disregard the positive stuff all together and choose the exam that last exam that worked best in their favor. Do they need to identify everything that was favorable even if they chose to override that information in the final decision?
  4. In this case it is a regional office decision. However, the only piece of favorable evidence they identify if that’ I am service connected for the condition I claimed as primary to this secondary claim. There is a dbq and medical opinion that are in my favor but they are not mentioned in the favorable evidence.
  5. Someone recently posted about favorable findings and it made me think. Is the VA required to declare all favorable findings (ex: other doctors diagnosis/concurrence with diagnosis different from the c&p examiner) or do the only have to declare what they want in the decision?
  6. Saw my new rheumatologist and explained everything. He said he would fill out any paper work I need and review my c-file. Here’s hoping that’s enough. Would a new dbq by him be enough or a full IMO?
  7. The NP did not give a favorable exam. Actually I believe she acknowledged limited range of motion (at least in my back 0-60 degrees) and said there were no signs or symptoms to diagnose with arthritis with no other rationale. She tried to say it was lumbosacral strain. The medical opinion (requested by the VA) was favorable saying that psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis are connected and identified all the joints I claimed as being involved. I apologize again since I'm working off what someone else has told me. I'll probably open a new thread once I have the documents in hand.
  8. Is there anything I can do with that medical opinion. They request an opinion that favored me, then ignored it.
  9. yes, those items I listed are the same ones listed in evidence.
  10. I had 1 in-person exam in April 2019 performed by a Nurse Practitioner. The VA also requested their own medical opinion in December 2018. The december medical opinion supported service connection, and the april 2019 did not. I'm not 100% on what she said in her report yet for the April exam. I realized after the fact that my doctor said he did not review records on the DBQ, for some reason he didn't even check civilian records. Like I asked in the last post, they say the doctor that opined in December medical opinion did not review and records. Does this not make sense to anyone else. Does the VA ask for generic opinions not based on a veterans specific information? EVIDENCE • VA Form 21-526EZ, Application for Disability Compensation and Related Compensation Benefits, received on December 4, 2018 • VA Form 21-0966, Intent to File a Claim (for Compensation), received on November 16, 2018 • VA Form 2I-0960M-3, Non-Degenerative Arthritis Disability Benefits Questionnaire (DBQ), received on December 4, 2018 • VA contract medical opinion report from Veterans Evaluation Solutions, dated December 15, 2018 • VA contract examination report from QTC Medical Services, dated April I 0, 2019
  11. Based on what I know and what I am reading from everyone here, it seem a supplemental with some more solid diagnosis information from my doc would be the more appropriate route. I apologize if things are a bit vague, the va is dragging their feet to get me my copy of the c-file. I am working off what the DAV has told me they read in the file. I attached a copy of my decision. Is it just me, or is it odd that they would ask for a medical opinion (the one they date december 15) without having that doctor at least review my file? decision.pdf
  12. There is my issue, I submitted a DBQ from my doctor with a diagnosis and a letter stating that I have been under his care since 2016 for psoriatic arthritis (the claimed condition) and psoriasis. It seems that their first medical opinion upholds this diagnosis, or at least provides good medical rationale for the link between the primary and secondary.
  13. This is a secondary claim and the acknowledged my primary is already service connected. Sorry, the copy and paste cut off the last sentence or 2. Favorable Findings identified in this decision: The claimed primary disability is service-connected. You are service-connected for psoriasis.
  14. I don’t that she actually reviewed my file or just did the actual ROM test. The first va doctor did review my file and made an opinion in favor of service connection. I believe I went to her because they didn’t have all the info they needed to assign a rating percentage based on loss of use/painful motion. I think she may have just filled in all the blocks on the form even though the va didn’t ask her to.
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