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  1. I have met with the DAV about a secondary claim for psoriatic arthritis to my service connected psoriasis. My dermatologist is in the works on the arthritis dbq and will use the more likely than not statement for service connection. However I am also scheduled to see a rheumatologist who I will also get to fill out the dbq. Is it better to submit dbq’s from multiple doctors or just 1? Will it make a difference with 2? I’d like to do a decision ready claim without a c&p of at all possible. DAV says I only really need 1 dbq.
  2. Everyone here helped me out immensely a couple years ago, so I'm back for another round. The VA already granted me 60% for Psoriasis, but I have recently discussed the onset of Psoriatic arthritis with my dermatologist, which became noticeable after a lapse in my psoriasis medication. I am currently on stelara for the psoriasis, which also helps control the arthritis. I am trying to figure out how I should go about applying to add the arthritis to my compensation. I'm not sure if it should me a secondary claim or primary. Also I'd like to know what code it is evaluated under. I've read that rheumatoid arthritis can be given a rating per major joint, is this the same for psoriatic arthritis? I would also like to know if the claim will be denied because as long as I'm on medication for psoriasis the arthritis is managed and may not show on MRI or X-ray. I am working on getting a DBQ done, but may have to go to a rhuemetologist, still in the works though. I was planning on submitted a fully developed claim, and hopefully no C&E exam.
  3. So, as of yesterday 12/6/16, my claim was officially closed. The CUE was found in my favor with retro pay back to 2009 and an increase for Psoriasis to 60%. All together that has put my over SC to 70%. The total time on this was only 46 days. Submitted 10/21/16 Closed 12/6/16, I was completely shocked how fast this went. I'll post a copy of the award when it comes in the mail. Thanks for all the help.
  4. Thought I would share this with everyone. Here is a link to a detailed description of the whole VA claim process (as issued by the VA). It describes what each step actually is and what it means. Scroll to the bottom for the most relevant info for most everyone on here. Good Luck to everyone. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwiw6L3oo-DQAhXrsVQKHZrKBokQFggaMAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.benefits.va.gov%2Fwarms%2Fdocs%2Fadmin21%2Fm21_4%2Fch02.doc&usg=AFQjCNEhdMyGJeG7X6NNbiRUNA163I5BtA&sig2=Q2lwwTepGsKutorye8c5LA Semper Fi FYI, it will automatically download a word document, but it is from benefits.VA.gov
  5. I appreciate all the help! I actually ended up submitting a statement of my own along with the DAV statement since they didn't identify a specific regulation. I'm not sure if that made a big difference overall, but worth the time to submit it for sure.
  6. SPO

    Possible CUE win?

    I am employed right now and thankfully haven't had an issue with that.
  7. SPO

    Possible CUE win?

    I'm very happy about this! The October effective date to 60% is for the increase portion only ( I filed 10/21/16). The cue effective date is December 2009. All of this and the whole claim is only just over a month right now and should be completed in about a week or less. They also corrected the condition from "skin condition" to actually calling it Psoriasis, which opens me up to file for psoriatic arthritis without to much troubel.
  8. SPO

    Possible CUE win?

    Sounds like a big win coming! Spoke to DAV today the proposed decision is a win on the CUE. 10% increased 30% for psoriasis back to December 2009 it will increase my overall from that time from 30% to 50%. Also an increase to 60% effective October this year! With an overall of 70%!
  9. SPO

    Possible CUE win?

    Just a quick update, my claim is still in preparation for decision. I did talk to my VSO the other day and he said he did find the medical release form I signed for them to go get my dermatology records, but still no actual medical records.
  10. SPO

    Possible CUE win?

    Not sure I follow. You mean been because the sc condition didn't have the same name as the current condition as diagnosed by a civilian dermatologist. As far as I can tell they looked at treatment for psoriasis in the initial decision even though the that's not what the sc condition was called.
  11. SPO

    Possible CUE win?

    I just realized something else. They gave me an initial rating of 10% for using uvb treatment. I don't remember when I ever got that or how they would have gotten record stating that. The records I requested they retrieve didn't mention it. I can figure out where they got that info
  12. SPO

    Possible CUE win?

    My C&P exam (which was favorable to me, the doc actually added additional info to help) did show on Ebenefits about the same time it changed to preparation for decision. The only thing I can hope for is that their error was so clear an unmistakable that they gave in immediately. Doesn't exactly sound like the VA's way of thinking but maybe I'll get lucky.
  13. SPO

    Possible CUE win?

    My claim just went to preparation for decision this morning. Hoping that it moving so fast means that the couldn't dispute the CUE. Its was only submitted on 10/21. Anyone have any thoughts on the matter. Possibly one more input from Berta.
  14. SPO

    Possible CUE win?

    I did end up submitting that statement. Is there anything I can do to ensure that my prescription records for the Humira are properly interpreted. By that I mean the record shows I was prescribed 3 months worth in 9/15/08 and 1 month worth 01/15/2009. My claim date was 12/16/15. So by my count december 16 to january 15 is 4 weeks, and the prescription from 1/15/2009 should add another 4-5 weeks (since it was a 1 month refill) for a total of 8-9 weeks in the last 12 months on the medication. My worry is that they will read the prescription dates and go off that (giving me only 4 weeks), and not consider that if it was a month prescription filled in january which would mean i was medicated through february. Also when a claim is filed are things like this counted from the day it was filed or the calendar month? Hope this acutally makes sense.
  15. I have been with that dermatologist for about a year. I was on the meds from march until september, otezla specifically. I was taken off to get moved to taking stelara instead (another immunosuppresive drug) since the otezla wasn't working very well and some crappy side effects. I have not actually started on stelara yet though, waiting to get prescription approval.

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