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  1. thats good to know. Everything I have read on the BVA website says don't submit ahead of time. I've also read that anything submitted between the initial claim decision and the hearing can't be considered in the appeal. @shrekthetank1 Did you already get a decision back?
  2. @shrekthetank1 So you sent them before the actual hearing? My VSO sounded like he was just going to add them through the normal upload process for a claim. Did the judge or one of his team give you a place to send your documents?
  3. Has anyone taken part in one of these virtual hearings. Did they allow you to submit evidence before the hearing since you can't physically hand to the judge like you would in an person hearing?
  4. So here is the final version I got from her last night, manually redacted this time. I think I looks pretty good, especially when you look at here long list of credentials. She is a board certified rheumatologist, director for the psoriatic arthritis program at a very prestigious hospital, her clinical expertise is psoriatic arthritis, she is a professor of medicine, and has been published multiple times on this subject. I have her full list of credentials ready to submit to the board. That is compared to the VA's nurse practitioner who practices family medicine. Division of Rheumatolog
  5. Is there anyway to delete things I’ve uploaded
  6. @pacmanx1thanls for the heads up. Hoping no personal stuff can be seen. I saw a city name leaked through. But I can figure out how to remove it I just got off the phone with the docs assistant and she said they will flip the wording to say psoriatic arthritis is secondary to psoriasis. She said the reference in the diagnosis section should me enough medical rationale.
  7. If I can’t get her to change it. Would it be better not to have it at all?
  8. This is the best I’m gonna get out of this doctor. One issue is that she says that psoriasis is secondary to psoriatic arthritis instead of the opposite. I’m already rated for psoriasis and claim psoriatic arthritis secondary. Should I have this sentence removed or let it fly as is? I know they didn’t provide any medical rationale for it anyway. I do have at least 1 other opinion written the correct way in my file for nexus.
  9. It appears I’m stuck with my bad Apple. No other VSO will take over since the appeal is already underway.
  10. I have all my appointment notes, X-ray/ultrasound reports, etc.. that document symptoms and she did note my onset was in 2016 in the letter. what you just posted makes it sound like the VA examiners opinion was insufficient to outweigh that of a specialist in my case.
  11. I asked the doc to add a nexus statement with rationale and reference to medical literature. She has been very agreeable so far to the weird requests for VA stuff. I have a copy of her profile from the hospital website that details her education, board certifications, clinical expertise, and a list/links to studies and medical publications she has been involved in, specific to my condition. Would this cover the CV part?
  12. I just got what is basically an IMO from my doctor for my appeal. Wanted to get some opinions. The only thing I really notes is that she didn’t directly address the link between psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, but I have 2 other opinions in my file that do. As a note I was denied for specifically for no diagnosis on everything but my back, hip, and right ankle.
  13. So the DAV rep I'm assigned to is making nervous that he will not properly represent me. He is telling me I can submit any additional evidence I have before the hearing so the judge will have it the day of, or I can wait. When I look at the BVA website, it says specifically do not submit ahead of time. On top of that I can't get him to actually answer my questions about what arguments to make. He did say that I can't argue anything in the C&P exam. The only argument to make is that my doc is more qualified to diagnose. I'm pretty sure he won't he even look at my file before going to
  14. I know I ask a lot of questions, but DAV and VA never want to give any answers. I have a virtual appeal hearing next month and I have 2 questions not related to each other. 1. If my claims are granted will the VARO use the existing C&P to implement the decision, or are new C&P's likely? for reference, when the hearing occurs it will be less than 1 year since the last exam. 2. Has anyone had recent experience in the timeframe after the hearing to get a decision?
  15. In my case she listed the records she reviewed stating “dermatology” associates. She never opined about what my doctor said, just provided her own diagnosis or lack there of. They weren’t lacking X-ray evidence as in it didn’t exist. Lacking x-ray evidence as in it didn’t show on X-ray. Inflammatory arthritis doesn’t always effect the bones right away, mostly soft tissue.
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