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  1. So I got a response to my email. He added a not that said his comments were not meant to minimize my symptoms. But it looks like he didn’t actually remove the comments I asked about
  2. The last copy of my c-file stated all my conditions are static. Would the secure email be the best way to ask him about this since it will be kept in my records that I disagreed? Should I him his wording is concerning because it could result in a reduction?
  3. I am mildly worried about the VA wanting to reduce my IBS rating at some point in the future, which is currently at 30% . I went to see my VA PCP and he noted that I had "dramatic improvement" when he asked me how it was. This is not what I told him. I said it was a little better at the moment, but it is absolutely not dramatic. I want use these records, which contain information on another condition, when I submit for another claim, but I don't want the VA to think this issue is getting better, I just happen to be on a short stretch where it wasn't at its worst. Should I avoid submittin
  4. I have not gotten an appeal decision yet. I was just confused how the issue would be handled. By that I mean if the board were to grant service connection or a remand. This is my first appeal to the board.
  5. I realized that I didn't specifically say on the NOD that I think the exam was inadequate, and the rating % will likely be inaccurate because of that if service connection is granted. I just said denial of service connection was the issue. Is there a point when they need that specific information as to what I disagree with, or can I bring all that up in the hearing and they will adjust their decision to match? Also, if sc is granted, does it go back to the RO with instructions that I need a new exam? I know this is a lot of what if.
  6. I’m wondering if the time is as long under AMA? The board appeals metrics say 346 days from NOD and 299 days average from board intake for hearing to appeal to be completed. I’ve been assigned a docket number so I’m guessing the board has completed intake on my appeAl. Any idea if I’m reading this right? Here is a link if anyone wants to look for themselves. https://www.bva.va.gov/Appeals_Metrics.asp
  7. In this case it’s board of appeals hearing with a law judge not a DRO. That why I’m concerned about the time since I’ve always heard these appeal will take years
  8. While my hearing isn’t what it used to be I can physically get by in the hearing. My issue is if I can convey they information necessary in writing without having to wait years to say it to a judge, will I have as good of chance of winging.
  9. I'm sure this is a question that doesn't have a sure answer, but I am wondering what kind of wait times for a hearing people have heard of/experienced when appeal under Appeal Modernization. I am in line for an appeal hearing, but is it worth the wait when I could go into the evidence appeal line faster? The only thing I'll be pointing out to the judge is that an under qualified examiner changed a diagnosis made by a specialist and that the exam was significantly sub par (didn't even physically examine all the claimed issues). It seems like I could easily put that in writing and submit it
  10. I’m in line for an appeal and confused on the remand process. I was denied because a c&p examiner changed my diagnosis from arthritis to strain on some joints and said no diagnosis on others. My file has at least 2 doctors (more qualified than the c&p examiner) stating my arthritis diagnosis in the joints I claimed. Also I was granted for my back and hip. I imagine if I win it will get a remand, but if it does can the board order the RO the service connection is granted and they need to perform another exam to properly rate severity? Or is service connection up to the RO to decide
  11. I'm beginning a couple of new claims and wanted the general opinion from the group. If I have access to private medical care and documentation for a claim, would it be best to do that instead of risking some bad documentation coming from a VA doc. My concern is what I'm working on may get a little expensive when you start adding multiple specialists/tests/imaging. Am I safer having full control over what documents the VA sees vs. going through the VA and having everything covered?
  12. The va has me rated for psoriatic arthritis of the back (I filed for lower back/ sacroiliac). I have 1 rheumatologist mention sacroilitis, but is the way the va rated going to cause an issue since technically sacriolitis is caused by the arthritis (or at least a manifestation of) which then causes Radiculopathy.
  13. I have documentation of sciatic pain from arthritis ( it’s not true sciatica because it originates in the sacroiliac joint not the lumbar vertabrae, but it presents the exact same way) , need the doc to clarify the diagnosis before I submit. I have only had xrays, no mri. I told the c&p doc about it during my back exam, but I don’t think she acknowledged what I said.
  14. While I wait for an appeal on some other matters I am starting a bilateral sciatica claim secondary to arthritis in the lower back (just got service connected for the back). I have to get some documentation together, but I am wondering what to expect in a c&p for sciatica. It is pretty unpredictable when the worst of it will happen so I’m not sure how the exam will go, or what the doc will look for.
  15. I’m looking for a veteran friendly rhuematologist in Maryland/Delaware/ southeast pa. I need a better imo and my doc won’t rewrite the subpar one he wrote for me. Any suggestions
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