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  1. Just checking to see if anyone received their payment this year? It seems like an on going battle with them now since the policy has changed. I Secured Messaged prosthetics and no email back. Hmmm, odd.
  2. Did you receive yours? Still waiting to see if I am eligible... I secured messaged the prosthetics office and they never got back to me..
  3. Grunt509

    [[Template core/front/global/prefix is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] Hypertension Secondary to Chronic Pain

    I have to say I was lucky. Before I moved from West Virginia, my primary care there wrote a very good letter stating she believe the high blood pressure is related to the chronic pain. Just a waiting game till my Washington hearing.
  4. Grunt509

    [[Template core/front/global/prefix is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] Hypertension Secondary to Chronic Pain

    Has anyone else had this issue?
  5. This stuff really needs to change. Like I said before. Hey, we have something new for you! More money for items we give you that destroys your clothing but hey there is a flaming hoop you need to go through! I wonder how many civilians would go through this stuff! It is funny, I guess that is what military training prepared us for!
  6. This is irritating! I am sorry you are still going through this. The odd part is, they say sure you can have two clothing allowances... Then they make it harder for you to get it with equipment they issue. Unnerving! It was so much better when the end of August rolled around and *poof* there is was in your account. The former prez said he was helping us but gave us more hurdles to jump through.
  7. Hello All! I know it is time to get out letters to remind us about submitting for the annual clothing allowance. I was reading the topics last year and submitted a few. I figured I would submit this one since I am not sure if anyone was still looking at those. Just reaching out to find out of the outcomes. Mine was border line on approval since I fall in the hinges being covered by cloth and the Velcro straps. Have you all successfully received yours or is it still on appeal? See, I wear BDU pants. I can adjust them well when using my back brace. It is funny how they say the braces do not wear on the inside of the clothing. After wearing my knee braces, the Velcro looks like it has toe jams from it scraping the inside of my pant legs. It is too funny. It never occurred to me to file for the Capsaisin HP cream or the Lidocain cream I put on several times a day for the chronic pain. It goes on my neck to my hips and down my legs. Had anyone received the clothing allowance for those to creams? Thank-you once again for any and all input! I appreciate ya'll being out there in internet land!
  8. Grunt509

    [[Template core/front/global/prefix is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] Hypertension Secondary to Chronic Pain

    Hello All! I was notified that some day I will be receiving a letter to go to Washington for a hearing for my appeal. I filed for hypertension secondary to chronic pain. Here is a synopsis... Leading up to my first surgery in 1994 done by the Army. I was told to come into the aide station to have my blood pressure recorded. Being a dumb 21 year old Airborne Infantryman I didn't think nothing of it. I went, my pressure was high and it was logged in my medical records. I had my spinal fusion to correct a parachuting accident. Mar 1994, I was discharged because the fusion didn't work. Right before, back to the aide station for blood pressure check-ups. I didn't file for it at discharge cause they don't tell you those things then. 1998 I am put on blood pressure medication and an aspirin at the VA hospital in Pittsburgh. 2003 (roughly) I was 31 and I had a mini-stroke. I went to the VA in Pittsburgh, they couldn't find anything. I move to Texas with my Ex and our kids. Shortly there after, I get a call from the Nuerology Department at the VA. You need to see a Neurologist, we found something. I go see one. The is when I found out about the TIA. I the mean time, I did file for Service Connected for Hypertension and was denied. I figured, screw it. I got the rating I was happy with for me back and knees. The EX leaves and I am taking care of my three kids on my own. My blood pressure is not controlled and neither is my pain. I go to the ER on several occasion, without telling the Triage nurse what is wrong she sees my BP is high and says, "you are in pain." At this point, I am put on double the dose of medication. Due to my blood pressure being high from the chronic back and knee pain. Has anyone out there tried to do this and succeeded? I am concerned with the hearing coming up, who knows when, but this has been on my mind to ask. Thank-you all for any and all input! Jim
  9. That is the funny part, I am dealing with the Chief of prosthetics. I emailed him Friday asking if he had any luck putting in the info. He replied back... "the VBA say's they will be issuing the payments between 1 Oct and 31 Dec. He works for the VHA so he has no control over the payments". Now, that did not answer my question in any way, shape or form. I know he works for the VHA?! I have been dealing with the VA since 1994, I know who works for which. I thought Pittsburgh, PA system was bad. It seems like these guys here in WV are taking notes from them. It just seems like it has gotten worse since we had to file yearly. They want you to work hard for that second allowance payment. Fun stuff. Thanks for listening to me gripe!
  10. This is what I am talking about Jef. These goobers (to put it nice) say it is nationwide. And ya'll got paid already. I think the dead line to put in the info was 1 Aug. They skipped it and are having problems. I had and easier time getting it before you had to file for it yearly. I always got paid between the 18th and the 28th of August. Oh well. The people at prosthetics have screwed up on stuff for me already. It is just another go around. Thanks again!
  11. Hello folks, I just wanted to see if anyone else is having the same issues I am. I turned in my paperwork for the clothing allowance in June of this year. I was early since I thought I would have been moved by now. Generally, the VAMC I got to is very quick about it. In the years past, I would receive the pay in the last week of August. I know, count yourself luck. I started poking my nose into the issue. I was being told by prosthetics, "it is a nationwide problem. They are having trouble putting it in the system". So, I contacted the VA hotline. They have no idea what the VAMC is talking about. I think there may have been a change of guard the the hospital and the paperwork was not put in on 1 Aug like normal. Since this is a nationwide problem, I figured I would ask to see if anyone is having the same issue. Thanks for the input!
  12. wjack12412 You should be able to get the allowance for this since you are 100%. I just want to know if no one has received their clothing allowance yet? The VA here in Clarksburg has been telling us they can't put the paper work in. They say it is a nationwide problem. I want to see if anyone else is hearing the same. Thanks folks!
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