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  1. I apologise to piggyback off the main post, I do have a question. Im SC for multiple joint arthritis.(osteoarthritis,DJD) Just a yr ago diagnosed with PSA. I've been on otezla for over a year. Have had treatment for psoriasis after service. If I were to file for PSA would it be possible for a secondary or new claim. Could the VA change my diagnosis. My understanding is can not be rated for PSA. and lost range of motion.
  2. BUCK, you are correct knowledge is power. I Thank you for your input. I will be seeing a few Docs in the next few days. In the meanwhile I will continue to educate myself. ****** 07.27 Diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis put on meds for next three months trial basis. More than likely related. Happy I received some proper care. On to the next mission.
  3. Hello all, I'm currently rated for osteoarthritis and djd with loss of ROM in multiple joints from spine to feet. My pain management Dr. recommend to be tested for RHUMATOID arthritis/ Psoriatic arthrits. Blood work neg for RA, PSA still possible. X-rays show positive for arthritis. I've developed psoriasis after service so I was never treated while active for it. Is it possible to have been misdiagnosed all these years? If PSA is confirmed would it be wise to file for it, and would it be considered pyramiding? Could it be considered new diagnosis? I've read that they don't base RA/PSA on ROM just immune criteria. All this new information has my head spinning. Any input would be greatfull.
  4. So I just printed my notes from VA PM&R consult for back, hips, knees pain. Dr stated "patient feels it is not connected to hips and knees pain".WTF.I never said that. I'm currently rated 10% R hip, 10% L hip, secondary 10% bilateral knee osteoarthritis,10% lumbar spine osteoarthritis. Dr also stated" patient has several small children at home and does lift them." He forgot to mention that I said it's painful to play with kids but suck it up because that's what dad's do. I m filing for increase to my SC. My question is am I now screwed. SC has already been established, and conditions have worsened. Dr recommendation is to do acupuncture, they denied me Aqua therapy,
  5. The problem I'm having is finding a Dr willing to fill out DBQ form. I've seen two private orthopedic docs and they both look at forms like it was the plague. Both stated they don't have time to fill out 10+ pages. That's just for one condition, I had three forms needed to be fill out. I told my VSO this and asked her to just put me in for C&P exam. She then told me I need to find a dr willing to fill out form and more evidence my conditions have worsened. Very frustrated and feeling lost
  6. Reached out to doc about Aqua therapy. DENIED. . Now referred to physiatrist. Now lets see how many different docs they will send me to. Lets the merry go round begin.
  7. I did an intent to file in August with a VSO, she gave me forms to get filled out, but could not tell or give opinions as to who will fill them out. Does my primary dr request c&p or do I?
  8. My PCP said she would recommend Aqua therapy through VA Choice program. How long does something like this take to be approved? Should I contact choice program or follow up with PCP?
  9. Hello all, I'm having a hard time finding a Dr willing to fill out VA DBQ forms. Va docs will not fill out I've seen two private orthopedic Dr's. They are to busy to fill out they say. I'm rated 10% each R/L hip bilateral coxa vara, 10% osteoarthritis right knee, 10% osteoarthritis of lumbar spine. My conditions have worsened docs recommend PT, I do twice a week have received shots for pain no relief. My other question the coxa vara was documented prior to enlistment, fit for duty, aggrevated and documented throughout enlistment also at ETS physical. According to AR 40-501 coxa vara is a condition listed. I've been asked by VA Dr how I was even able to join the ARMY. Waiver I suppose. Also the two private docs looked at Mri done 6 yrs ago at Va and noticed torn meniscus, patella something, on knee, scoliosis, herniated discs, alot more things with my back can't remember right now. My hips are uneven causing the domino effect. I'd like to get the increase in what I have now before I submit other secondary claim.Getting frustrated with everyday pain.
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