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  1. Hello everyone... I recently had a C&P exam for my lower back and was awarded 40%. I then filed for IU and they of course set me up for another C&P exam and had my previous employer send in forms needed for IU. I went to my C&P exam and it was a certified registered nurse practitioner who I saw. She started off interrogating me about who is controlling the pain is it pain management or primary care? Then she proceeded to ask me to show her how far I could bend. I should her how far I could bend and she wasn't even looking she was already asking me to twist my body and I was confused as to what she meant by that and so she proceeded to grab by arms and started to twist me. She asked if that hurt I told her no. Then she started typing away on her computer. So when I went to get a copy of my C&P exam she lied on they exam and checked the box that stated condition has improved and she also went as far as stating that after reviewing my xrays from 2003 it was normal and in 2005 it showed degenerative changes. First off they never sent me to do an Mri or ct scan. So when they finally decided to do an Mri and CT scan it was in 2016 it should herniated disk , etc. They also have me taking 1800 mg of gababetin for lower back pain. They did do steroid injections for my back and that didn't help. So I get a letter from Department of Veterans Affair stating that they plan to take my 40% away due to improved back condition. I was so upset seeing that this individual who isn't a doctor giving her medical opinion and they agreed. I went to my service rep and told him that how can my lower back improved after seeing all the medications that Ive been on and the MRI and CT Scan says something different. Can anyone please shed some light on this situation because my lower back is still killing me and I stopped working for a couple of years. My Social security disability was approved but my IU was denied due to my 40% being striped based on c&p exam. I am going from 80% down to 60%. Anyone please help.
  2. Well seminoles my back is killing me. I can't sit for a long period of time and I was rated 40% for my back. Due to the back injury It caused damage to my right leg where I have to wear a brace for footdrop which was I haven't file a claimed for among 3 other contentions. So I'm really thinking about quiting tomorrow when i go back to work. I was out all last week due to my back. Pain managment wants to start injections for my back and possibly physical therapy. They also stated that they may have to fuse my back and there is no guarantee that will work. I'm in constant pain with my back and the cold weather here on the east coast isn't helping my athritis.:( So if i cash on on my tsp is there a long wait to recieve my payment. I'm so looking forward to relocating to florida. They sent my forms to provide to my employers and the deadline is Dec 15th. So by quitting tomorrow and getting those employers to fill out application would help right?
  3. If I choose to go that route just to cash out on my tsp . I have up til December 17th to provide my previous employer information. The only thing that worries me is the amount I made during all these years. That may disqualify me even after I decide to quit. :( This cold weather isn't helping any and I plan on moving somewhere warm such as florida or arizone. Any other advice that you may have for me seminoles?
  4. I agree it is a messed up system. Everyday I wake up I don't want to go to work. All these medications they are giving me I just feel like I will be filing for a new contention of dialysis from all these meds they keep prescribing me for the pain. :( I'm still working and I'm at that point where I just want to walk in and tell them that I quit and walk out. The job isn't worth the heading and the stress and not knowing the outcome of my decision is frustrating and I know it is going to be an ongoing battle for them to award me unemployability. Everytime I go to the VAMC and they are so quick to prescribe a stronger medication. I've been working continously not able to quit for the fact that I can be homeless and bottom line i have bills to pay.
  5. so broncovet after hearing what you had to go through did you ever think about filing for social security disability?
  6. MPsgt no I haven't utilized my TSP. Right now they are working on the FMLA plan asking me who much time do i need? How the heck am I suppose to know how much time. The frustating part is when I'm considering going part time to cut back on my hours and was advised that I may lose my job because they hired me full time. So the FMLA came into play to save my job. All these years of working and I've always been in the negative for leave both sick and annual due to sc disabilities. My supervisors stated that they would write up a statement on my behalf. When I recieved the VA form 21-4192 the form is so misleading. Why are they asking for my wages? What does that have to do with anything? Do they want a breakdown of what I made through the years? I so want to quit my job but am afraid of being homeless and counting on this income coming through my job as my main support. So If I get my doctor to write a statement that I can no longer work due to my sc disabilities there is no way of knowing when social security would kick in and the reality sets in as to when my next income will be coming. :(
  7. Need some suggestions or guidance. If I'm rated at 80% however still working but I can't afford to quit my job due to financial circumstances. I was rated 40% for my back and the other contentions make up the other 40%. My back is constantly bothering me leaving me with a footdrop and I've exhausted all of my leave and I'm a federal employee. I've had a steady work history but my leave is always on 0 due to my sc disability. I would like some guidance as to how should I go about filing for unemployability even though I have not had a break in my work history and I can't afford to have no income coming in while waiting to see if I am approved. I've had supervisors write up the employment questionnaire stating that due to my sc disability I'm always on a negative balance. Could some one please shed some light of the situation. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
  8. You can also go to the VAMC where you had the C&P exam and find the release of information office in the hospital or the medical records section and fill out form VA Form 21-4142. Once you fill that out they will mail you copy of your c&p exam or you can have them call you when they receive the copy from the examiner for pickup. Hope this helps.
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