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  1. My son got out of the Navy about a year and a half ago and he didn't get the help he needed to file his claims. Can anyone tell me (so I can tell him) how he would go about filing a claim during the mist of this Covid-19 Pandemic? Thank-you in advance.
  2. Hello Gastone, Thank You for the advice. With My 90% SC award letter I am not sure if I received an "Inferred IU Claim" SC, How can I tell if I got a "Inferred IU Claim" ? Yes my individual Earned Income has been under the VA SGI (Substantially Gainful Income) amount of $12,400 for the past 12 months. I just resigned from my PT job in Jan.2017 for health reasons. I am classifed SC PTSD for Combat depression and anger management.
  3. Hello Vync , Thank you for your response. I want to know if I Can apply for 100% IU and still be able to submit claims and be granted 100% P&T ? I was worried about the widows benefits (DIC) and the spouses health care benefits.
  4. Hello, I have a question. I am 90% VA rated Disabled. I am finding it very hard to get to 100% T and P. I have heard there are vets who are both 100% Total Unemployment and 100% Total Permanent Disabled. Can I apply for 100% Total Unemployment and still be able to submit claims and be granted 100% Total Permanent Disabled? If a veteran is 100% Total Unemployment is it very hard to be granted 100% Total Permanent Disabled? Thank You in advance.
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