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    Married. Veterans issues. Computer Tech. I am a 82nd. Airborne Combat Veteran.

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  1. My son got out of the Navy about a year and a half ago and he didn't get the help he needed to file his claims. Can anyone tell me (so I can tell him) how he would go about filing a claim during the mist of this Covid-19 Pandemic? Thank-you in advance.
  2. Hello My Fellow Veterans, I have secondary conditions due to surgery. I had (Service Connected) surgery on my right foot. The doctor had me wear a special boot on my right foot for over 6 months, Now my Left knee is in pain from wearing uneven and different shoes and my right knee is in pain from the way I am walking because of the surgery. I am already (SC) for my Left and Right Knees. Can and should I file for (Service Connected) Secondary conditions being aggravated due to conditions caused by the Service Connected surgery? And how should I file for it? Thank You
  3. Hello fellow Vets, I applied and received Tempory VA convalescence pay for an (SC) surgery on my Right Foot. I received the pay from 02/8/17 to 7/01/17. I am still going through convalescence with medical treatment from that surgery and I fall under this >> § 4.30 Convalescent rating::(2) Surgery with severe postoperative residuals such as incompletely healed surgical wounds...<< How do I apply for an extension of VA convalescence pay from 07/02/17 until present date? Thank You in advance.
  4. Hello broncovet, I was Not upset about the "Evaluate and treat" statement. I didn't like the way Neurology had me waiting for over a month and then canceled my referral to them Without contacting me and saying that they are going to send me back to my Doctor for further treatment and for not explaining to me that they were only taking certain patients at the time. I would not have found out unless I called them then, Finally, they told me what had happened, keep in mind my appointment had been canceled over a month ago and I didn't know Until I called them. The "Evaluate and treat" statement is how they just left me hanging. Also, my primary Doctor didn't contact me either, I got the feeling she either forgot OR didn't even know till I reported what was going on. I am going to call the VA Choice Program and see if an Outside Neurologist turns down an appointment from a Vet and Then does not call them to tell them. Thank You
  5. I am 20% (SC) for Migraines. I have Migraines 2 -3 times a week and other problems connected to migraines. The doctor increased my meds for migraines. I went to the ER because of my Migraines. I am now trying to make a case for an increase of my Migraines. My Primary Doctor ordered an appointment to Neurology. I have been waiting for a call from Neurology to make that appointment with Neurology. I never received a call from Neurology, so I finally called Neurology and was told the appointment in July had been canceled. They said I was sent back to my Doctor, to "Evaluate and Treat". I think this is outrageous! No one informed me that my appointment had been canceled and then I had no one tell me to make another appointment to see my Primary care Doctor so he/she can "Evaluate and Treat". I then reported this to the local VA Patient Advocate and was told that Neurology was not taking any new patients UNLESS they are having seizures or brain surgery. Shouldn't I be referred to an Outside Neurology clinic? The only response I got from my Doctor is she will make another referral to Neurology and after that, it is out of her hands. Also my so called "Doctor" is really a Nurse Practitioner. Mean while I am not being treated. What can I do about this and now what is my next move ?? Thank You all in advance.
  6. Hello everyone, I have an SC surgery on my Right Foot on February 8, 2017, and I submitted the Convalescent Temp 100% claim that next week in February 2017. Ebenefits reported it was received in March 2017 and I had the C/P for this clAim in April 2017. I read and was told that Convalescent Temp 100% claim were processed faster. I still have not heard nor received any answer from the VA yet. As a side note, I also have a Dependency claim submitted in January 2017 too. My Question is, how long does it usually take for Convalescent Temp 100% claims to be processed? Thank You in advance.
  7. Hello Ms. Berta , yes I do have an Attorney. They handle VA and Military Medical Malpractice cases. My Toe that has had complications from a surgery was scheduled to be amputated, but the doctors changed their plans. The Attorney still wants to open a Tort Claim. I am just looking into ALL my options like I read this >>> " Moreover, if VA treatment for a service-connected condition makes an already service-connected disability worse or creates a new disability secondary to the service-connected condition, the Veteran may apply for an increase in service-connected disability benefits or claim secondary service-connection without relying on Section 1151 " >>>>https://vnsla.com/tag/what-the-va-does-not-want-veterans-to-know-about-section-1151-service-connected-disability-compensation-claims/ , What do you think ?
  8. I had an operation done on my Right Foot in Feb. 2017 for a service-connected injury. There were some complications from the surgery and I almost had one of my toes amputated due to the surgery. I then contacted an attorney who is interested in my case. My question is, can I still file regular claims if I have a Federal Tort Claim in process or do I have to wait until the Tort Claim is settled? Will filing a Tort Claim affect my VA percentage of 90%? If I am still under the care of the same Doctors mentioned in the claim, will the doctors be notified ? or will I be assigned, different doctors? I appreciate any advice. Thank You
  9. I recently had an operation on my Right foot for a service-connected injury. Unfortunately, due to complications from that surgery, I am going to have my number 2 toe next to my Big toe amputated because of the service-connected surgery on my right foot. Can anyone please tell me what claims that I can file for this surgery including my 2nd toe which is going to be amputated next month. Thank You in advance.
  10. Hello Gastone, Thank You for the advice. With My 90% SC award letter I am not sure if I received an "Inferred IU Claim" SC, How can I tell if I got a "Inferred IU Claim" ? Yes my individual Earned Income has been under the VA SGI (Substantially Gainful Income) amount of $12,400 for the past 12 months. I just resigned from my PT job in Jan.2017 for health reasons. I am classifed SC PTSD for Combat depression and anger management.
  11. Hello Vync , Thank you for your response. I want to know if I Can apply for 100% IU and still be able to submit claims and be granted 100% P&T ? I was worried about the widows benefits (DIC) and the spouses health care benefits.
  12. Hello, I have a question. I am 90% VA rated Disabled. I am finding it very hard to get to 100% T and P. I have heard there are vets who are both 100% Total Unemployment and 100% Total Permanent Disabled. Can I apply for 100% Total Unemployment and still be able to submit claims and be granted 100% Total Permanent Disabled? If a veteran is 100% Total Unemployment is it very hard to be granted 100% Total Permanent Disabled? Thank You in advance.
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