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  1. hello, i was told to look into something called smc l. i dont know if i qualify or not. i was given a 100% permanent and total rating in 2015. here are my ailments. biploar disorder 70% Asthma due to jet fuel exposure 60% cystic acne due to jet fuel exposure 30% carpal, allergies, tinnitus each at 10% i also get ssdi 100% and they require me to use my sister to manage my finances. my sister also basically serves as my caregiver. without her i dont believe i can function. she does everything for me from finances, to taking me to appts, to reminding me and sometimes
  2. oK So hamslice was right. I recieved another letter today and i called SS, and both confirmed that i will be awarded full benefits. The reason for the delay is that they need me to come in with my wife so that they can approve her as the manager of my funds because they have decided that i am unable to do so myself. Also they need me to come in a fill out an application for my children, for which i will also be receiving benefits for. Thank you all. This fight is over.
  3. Ok thanks so much for the details.. if nothing else its good to hear that im not the only one who received this letter. Ill be calling social security tomorrow for more details and ill post back. Hopefully this helps anyone else who may have this same scenario. UPDATE 1: I called Social Security - They said that I have been approved and they told me the amount. They said the approval letter shows zero dollars because they need me to come in with my kids information and wife since they have deemed me unable to manage my own finances. Which unfortunately is true. After that
  4. Hi, I have been awarded 100% P&T by the VA. So i applied for social security, they recently sent me a letter saying that it was approved. But here is where things get tricky, I first filed on 9/27/2017. But on my award letter it only talks about 2016, it also says that my benefits were suspended in 2016... But why? at that point i hadnt even filed for ssdi. here is a timeline of events and my award letter. 02/08/2018 A Decision Has Been Made On Your Appeal Your claim for D
  5. Hi, i am SC 100% P&T for bipolar, asthma and a few other things. I tried to apply for ssdi, but was denied - in a nutshell they said "we see that you are disabled, but we have determined that you can adjust to other work. we do not have sufficient vocational information to determine whether you can perform any of your other work". So i take this as them needing more proof that i am really a screwed up person (which unfortunately i am , mainly due to the extremeness of my bipolar). So iread that i could get a doctor to fill out a form to better explain my issues. https:/
  6. Hi guys, as the title implies, i have finally received the news that i am 100% P&T no future exams scheduled. I did this without any VSO's or any help other than that of my family writing "buddy statements". I am still involved with my treatment plan, though the depression makes it hard to even do that but i just wanted to say thanks to the people on this forum for all of the help, encouragement, and information. Previously i was at 80% for: left carpal tunnel- 10% Asthma 60% Allergic Rhinitis 10% Cystic Acne (due to jet fumes) 30% My last claim
  7. Well I decided that i was interested in seeing how the process unfolds. So i'll be documenting the progress on this thread. more so because i like being able to see the clear and organized progression of a timeline, that excites me personally. Anyway - as of today 3/16/17 my claim is still in the GOE stage. but the completion date moved from 10/30 to 10/18. Went back to prep for decision on 3/28/17 completion date now 6/2/17 - 8/15/17 4/4/2017 100% P&T Thanks Hadit.
  8. Thank you for the uplifiting words. the hard part of dealing with this is the knowledge of how i was prior to joining the service. And knowing the struggle of everyday life that i encounter presently. so to answer your questions. I did file for depression (not specifically bipolar, if that makes any difference) back in 2011 i think. But i missed the appt so it was denied (I was going through a severe depressive state). So as far as i know, Dec 12, 2016 is the only EED I can shoot for?? Also, i do not receive SSDI, I recently looked into it - it seems that i would have a better
  9. Ok guys and gals, im back after a few months with more information. So for a little background, my effective date is 12/12/16. It moved to prep for decision in 2 weeks and stayed there for a few months. then it went back to gathering evidence, at which time i recieved a phone call scheduling me for an exam on march 25. 10 minutes later they called back saying i could come in for an exam tomorrow (which was march 1st). I attended my c&p exam for bipolar/depression- and the examiner concluded the exam by telling me to go directly to MH because im not mentally healthy or
  10. Well basically, I started treatment for depression after my second deployment in 2009, I was of course still on active duty. I got out in 10' and filed 11' - but i missed my appointment (going through a bad downer episode i couldn't get myself to get up.) In such good manner, the va sends me a paper practically saying hey, we see that you were treated for depression during active duty. And we see that you've been treated after you've separated - however the claim is denied on the grounds that you did not show up to the exam. Well time went by (and to be unequivocally frank,
  11. Yea you're right it is very early. What had me so nervous is that it went to prep for decision so quickly. I've filed about 6 times since 2010, and in each case i recieved multiple letters, to included exam scheduling - BEFORE it went to prep for decision. This was my first FDC claim so things could be different. All of my other claims took a year or more start to finish. So i was dug in and ready for the wait. And thats what im going to do now... otherwise ill drive myself crazy.
  12. thats refreshing. I sent in a binder full of evidence and my personal statement was loooong and thorough, So im hoping that it was enough to get approved. Thanks for the reply.
  13. so my claim was submitted on 12/12/2016. I submitted for bipolar/depression (reopen) and tinnitus (new). I sent it in as an FDC with all my evidence. I checked ebenefits on 12/21/2016 and the status is already showing preparation for decision. Is this normal? I haven't even gone to a c&p exam, I haven't recieved any correspondences or anything. For the bipolar depression it is a reopen because when i first filed in 2011, I missed my appointment. After I missed my appointment, the VA sent me papers (back in 2011) saying that they see that i was treated for depressio
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