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  1. Morning Flores and Gents, What is the cost involved with Valor Consulting for a IMO? By the way Ellis Clinic did a good job for me from the IME on 14 contentions, but I was only increased on one situation from 20% to 40% for nerve damage. Everything else was denied but two contention reopen for C&P exams and still waiting for VES to send the DBQ to the VA. Thank you.
  2. Hi Berta, No I am still waiting on for my claim to be finished. Just getting ready for round two, if necessary. I want to get all my ducks in a row for round two just in case. I should know by Feb. So, far I got shot down on the TBI and the Heart situation which was inadvertently showed the C&P exam on Health Vet blue button.
  3. Hello all, Any advise where I can find a new IME/IMO in Nyc? Maybe someone has first hand experience. Thank you.
  4. Morning Mrs. Flores, Sounds very uplifting that the IMO from Ellis had helped you a lot. I needed to hear that I am in the PFD stage on my FDC (Losing my sanity) but the completion date was pushed forward to Feb now instead of Jan. But I expect it as much from the other posts and scenarios I have read about. I have listed 14 contentions on my situation and it did create the VSR to get new C&P (s) and used the old C&P since it was less then a year old. They denied SC but now they have to review everything again because of the IMO & Nexus on my disabilities. I will definitely email you again today the email address starts as wizard.... Thank you.
  5. Thank you for your insights Berta, I feel more confident. But i want to know if anyone else had success filing with the Ellis Clinic IMO. :)
  6. HI Berta, FDC filed in October. I got the IMO and Nexus in October for the following contentions; Temporomandibular Joint Disease 9904 Sleep Apnea Secondary To Lung Contusion 6845 Intervetebral Lumbar Disc Syndrome 5243 Headaches Secondary To Fracture Jaw 8100 to mentioned a few :)
  7. Hi Berta, I did get the IMO and Nexus VA dr. linking to my military services. Just wondering if anyone had success with IMO from the Ellis clinic. I am somewhat patiently waiting for the results from the FDC I filed It is in the Preparation for Decision right now. I do not want to go through the long ordeal with the Appeal process so I just filed as new with New Medical evidences.
  8. Morning all, I am new to the forum but been an avid reader and learner from the posts listed here on this site as well as other sites. My situation, I was able to get an IMO from the Ellis Clinic plus an Nexus from the VA Dr. and submitted in as a new claim and was wondering what are my chances in winning. I know every scenario is different and I review the citations as well on BVA. Can anyone share their successes or disappointments? P.s. Flores97 I emailed you :) I wished you well in your case. Sincerely, Thank you.
  9. Hello Flores 


    I also just submitted the IME from the Ellis clinic as of Oct 12 did you win the case with the IMO ? 






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