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  1. I have my medical records, but not my personnel.
  2. New here so sorry if i am confusing Can anyone give me some insight on if MST/PTSD claims are paid back to the service/discharge date? I just recently opened a claim for disability, part of which is a MST claim. Sadly, I was unaware I could open a claim, I was an activated navy reservist and once I was off deployment I never looked back, didnt ask questions, i just wanted to put my deployment behind me. with that being said, i dont recall or have record of ever getting a discharge physical. I have heard multiple answers which i am sure all are correct, but maybe someone can clarify why some claims are paid back to the service date and some only to the claim date. Also, I know there are appeals and such, but there is another service member that personally knows of her friend getting back paid to the date of service on her first initial claim and it was 3-4 years past her discharge date. Oh I have my claim physical and psych eval on the 28th, and i am honestly really nervous and dont know what to expect.. some pointers would be greatly appreciated thanks. USNR 2004-2008 IRR:2008-2012 ACTIVE 2006-2007
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