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  1. Thanks for the responses. I'm wondering: 1. can i submit any new evidence at this time? 2. will the V.A. pay for my attorney?
  2. Hadit family, can anyone give me some advice on how to handle this Appeal process. I recently looked on VA.GOV and noticed this. how do I prepare to win?
  3. I've been seeing my PCP at the V.A. for several years. He now's my medical history with my severe lower back pain. He advised me i should request another C&P for my lower back ( 20% ) My PCP has increased meds, filled out my FMLA form, given time off from work. Pain injections in my back from Pain clinic. I've been out on medical leave from my job ( Police Officer ). I am unable to continue my job as a police officer due to my back conditions. My job wants to get rid of me because i am restricted duty for my SC back injury. My job har recommened me for disability retirement, but me PCP say
  4. I haven't used him yet, but i was wondering have you gotten a price from his office for a IMO/IME?
  5. Needed to see a neurologist for my migraines. Made an appointment with the local hospital neurologist. I was assigned to a nurse practitioner, she seemed to be very knowledgeable and also worked with sleep apnea. My question is how does the VA looks at that when you're filing a claim. Should I keep her or should i find me a MD?

    1. vetquest


      I would keep her to start your migraine treatment.  Yes you will probably see the neurologist after she gets your treatment started.

    2. pctinc2001


      @vetquest thanks for your response

  6. Can anyone figure this % using VA math? 70% PTSD 20% DDD 10% Tinitus 10% Radiocupalty left leg 10% Radiocupalty right leg 0% E.D SMC
  7. I suffered a back injury while in the ARMY years ago. My back has continuously given me problems. I am SC for DDD and was wondering how can i go about service connecting Diabetes 2? Any information or case studies will be of great help.
  8. @Gastone can you give any idea about my range of motion from my DBQ. will I get a rating on that> Thanks for your input.
  9. @Gastone Thanks for clearing that up for me. So the numbness was addressed. Thanks for your expertise.
  10. @Gastone Thanks for responding I'm not sure how or if it would. I compared this C&P to my last C&P and noticed that the boxes weren't checked on the recent one. Do you think it would make a huge difference? Reading my DBQ now as is what do you think. will I get a rating in your opinion?
  11. @Buck52can you try again please?@broncovet and @Gastone do you think I will receive any percentage? 2b.Does the Veteran report flare-ups of the thoracolumbar spine (back)? [ ] yes [ x ] No *** Cand P Dr. never asked this question........ I have Dr. visits to back my evidence. 8a. Numbness Right lower extremity [ x ] None Left lower extremity [ x ] None *** Not sure why he marked NONE I'm just wondering if he reviewed my medical notes he would've notice that is one of my chief
  12. My visit was no longer than 10 minutes max. After reviewing the notes i noticed he left a few things out. Is this DBQ in my favor what or any percentage will I receive? C&P.pdf
  13. I had a Comp and Pension for my tinnitus.Can someone enlighten me. My C&P was over rather quickly.


  14. @buck and Eli thanks for your responses. I tried calling the Ellis Clinic all day yesterday, but got no answer. I will try again Monday. Thanks again.
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