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  1. Hi Everyone, I am baffled at how the VA works. This is an excerpt of a Draft Decision my lawyer stated the DRO made on my appeal. Apparently, it is not finished yet because he or she needs to send it out to his supervisor for approval. This was back in December when I received this and an SOC was issued stating the same thing of an increase from 50% to 70%. My question is, when does the draft decision become final. I find it weird I have 60 days to appeal the SOC with a Form 9 when the decision has not been approved yet. Any insight on my situation and how long it takes for them to
  2. Hello Had it Team, So about a week ago I finally saw a change in eBennies about my appeal after 30 months, stating they are in the SOC step and they are currently working on completing it. I send my lawyer a screenshot and he looked into my file. He said he was able to find a "draft" decision stating I will be getting an increase from 50% to 70% for PTSD. I had nine other ailments I was appealing to include IBS, migraines, tinnitus, etc. which appeared to just get denied again. The one I am not understanding is that my claim for Sleep Apnea states deferred. So here is my question.
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