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  1. After QTC finish and turn there material back over to VA how long before the VA decides to resolves a claim.
  2. I just asked if he believed I could have had sleep apnea while i was on active duty . and he wrote the letter, stating he though so . deviate septum .
  3. Will a Picture of a crooked nose prove a deviaded septum ? picture was taken for I D card in uniform
  4. has the V A started using contractors to decided remand sleep apnea claims , got a call lady said they were a contractor V A and was going to schedule me with another doctor, my V A sleep doctor has already stated that it was more likely than not I had sleep apnea while in service. what can i except from this evaluation? thank you for your input.
  5. this is my Docket No. 18-08 701 for my sleep apnea remand , thank you  for your time 

    1. Berta


      Please post this in the main forum-others will opine on it-

      hadit is a public forum- what helps one. helps others.

    2. lp1067


      i though I had posted it that way. Docket No. 18-08 701  Sleep Apnea  Remand. thank you 


    3. lp1067


      Why would have a contractor for the VA, call say they need to do an evaluation for my sleep apnea , when it has been remand 

      for a year ,  and what dose it mean , and what can I except.  thanks for your input.


  6. When a claim is remanded , would that mean the claim will be denied ?
  7. Sholud you appreal if you VA doctor said your sleep apnea was more likely the not, present while on active duty? no sleep study while in service ,
  8. lp1067


    Just how long do most appeals take from you file until resolve ?
  9. what can your representive do with your power of attorney , accourting to title 38 ? is It just for your claim only ?
  10. My sleep ap Doctor said my sleep apnea was, more likely then not present while in service . is that good for my claim or not ?
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